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I'd forgotten just how much fun selling on Ebay could be. My four Swarovski items just finished. All sold and all did well. One item got two bids in the last thirty seconds and shot up another ten quid. Not that I was obsessively refreshing the page or anything…

I've prepared another five items to upload but these almost certainly won't do as well as I don't have the boxes for them. Three are retired items though so you never know. I've found some other bits round the house that might sell so now I've got the bug again I'll put those up over the weekend.

The most exciting thing to happen today though was the phone call from DFS. The sofas are coming tomorrow. Funny thing is, they did say it would be between six and twelve weeks for delivery. I was going to ring them tomorrow as it will be exactly twelve weeks. Looks like they're just going to make it then.

If only the TV would turn up we could move into our shiny new living room. We had a phone call last week to arrange delivery. We agreed on a day and then the next day they phoned us to arrange delivery. We were a bit puzzled and explained that we'd already spoken to someone the previous day and done just that. Apparently they had no record of it and there was no way they could deliver then anyway. We suggested today as we'd both be in all day. That seemed as if it might be a problem but they said they'd see if it was possible and phone back to confirm. We've heard nothing since. It can come any time between 8am and 8pm so there's two hours left before we'll know if it's coming today or not. We can't contact them as we don't have a contact number and the retailer only has an email address and won't pass it on to us. Great.

But, I'm still excited 'cause my Ebay items all sold *grin*


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