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We're spending the day moving food from the old upstairs kitchen to the shiny new downstairs kitchen. It's causing some interesting debates as I know where I want everything, pretty much, and he doesn't necessesarily agree. I'm having to talk some sense into him. I find if I talk for long enough he gives in. Strange that…

I did expect to find a few horrors at the back of the cupboards. Mainly because Stephen does the cooking and the grocery shopping. His choice, not mine. This is going to end though. I have a lovely new kitchen and before he starts getting all possessive, I'm getting my stamp on it, hence the cupboard organising.

The back of the cupboard horrors, though. There were a couple of items slightly out of date. I'm a bit anal about these things so in the bin they went along with a dented tin of custard. Then the really interesting things started to emerge. An unopened packed of raisins from 2005. Why? We don't bake. Stephen isn't supposed to eat cake, he's diabetic. A jar of Piri-piri sauce from 2006. A few stock cubes from 2005 and then a handful of sugar-free jelly mixes from 2004. Vile stuff that. I did find an opened packet of twiglets from a couple of weeks ago that were still nice and crunchy. I ate those. Marmite – mmmmm. 

Then I came across this. It will get used before the date is up so not a problem but I just wanted to share my husband's tea addiction. Bear in mind he's the only tea drinker in the house and then look at the size of this bag of tea-bags.


We won't mention the catering size tub of Kenco coffee sitting in the cupboard though, eh?


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Tea

  1. Of course you can Ang 🙂


  2. OMG that is woppin!! My big son would certaily help get thru that in a week!!lol
    Mmmm, can I put my claim in for a cup of Kenco when I next visit???


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