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Whoo – flippin’ – hoo.


I just had a bit of a mishap. You know those online shopping mishaps that happen to us all? This one was a doozy, even for me. I've been selling stuff on Ebay and other places with the aim of getting enough dosh to get a new laptop.

I'd got quite a bit but the laptop I wanted was a bit out of reach. Well, actually it was quite a lot out of reach. Dell do keep having offers though so I was confident that at some point they'd have an offer I could afford on the laptop I'd set my sights on. Tonight, I got the email with that precise offer. Well, almost. It was still just a little bit out of reach.

It  had everything I wanted. Separate graphics card, decent hard drive and processor, and a fair amount of memory. No frills, but plenty of power to do the job I wanted. And, it was fifty quid more than I had in my PayPal account.

On the offchance, I checked Quidco to see if I could get any better offers through them and to my deep, deep joy found that finally the cash back on my car insurance had come through and I had 75 quid in my account. As that's linked to the same bank account as my PayPal account I reckoned it was fair game and went ahead and ordered that laptop. Whoo – flippin' – hoo!

I got me a purty new laptop!

Happy now.

Very happy.


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Whoo – flippin’ – hoo.

  1. He’s more bemused than jealous. I don’t think he’d realised quite how much stuff I’d managed to sell…


  2. That is really brill mate…..bostin in fact. Cant wait to see your shiny new toy (hopefully sometime in the next few months!!). Is Stephen a tad jealous??


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