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The good intentions with the walking ended abruptly on Tuesday when the dreaded migraine struck and settled in to stay for the next three days. I should have been watching the season finale of Buffy while doing today's walk, which is a damn fine episode and one which I've been looking forward to. But, I haven't walked for four days now and I don't actually have much of an excuse for today other than slightly wobbly legs and a slight blur on everything.

I'll get back on track tomorrow but it's disappointing to not even manage one 12 episode season without flaking. I did just clean the kitchen floor quite energetically, mind. That has to count for something, even if I did reward myself with a vanilla latte afterwards…

While I was recovering last night and this morning I read a couple of books. Both have been on my 'To be read' pile for a while but kept getting pushed back to the bottom. I'm so glad they finally made it to the top as they were both well worth reading and I've no idea how I've gone all these years without getting my nose stuck in them before.

The first was William Golding's Lord of the flies and the second was Joseph Heller's Catch 22. Very different books but both very good indeed. Happily they're both on the 1001 list and also on The Big Read list so ticked two boxes as well as being very enjoyable.

I fancy something light and fluffy next although I do have a bookring waiting. I think I can sneak in a Dorothy Sayers before starting the bookring though. I do have the whole weekend ahead of me, after all.


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