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I don't normally watch Jonathan Ross. I'm not that keen on him. Plus, he's on way past my bedtime. But, last night I made an exception and was sat down in front of the TV five minutes before he came on. The reason for my eagerness was one of his guests, or to be more precise, four of them – The Killers. Oh yes, The Killers were on JR.

I did think it was a shame that only Brandon got to sit on the sofa, and the rest of the lads were on the screen, especially as Brandon is the one that least likes being interviewed but he didn't do a bad job even if he did look somewhat relieved when he escaped at the end of his chat.

It was rather hilarious that the 'four poufs and a piano' were wearing Brandon t-shirts and kept singing bits of Killers' songs. I wasn't particularly interested in the other guests so I flicked through a magazine while they were being interviewed but perked up again when The Killers came out to perform.

Apparently most bands get to perform one song, and often get the credits rolled over that. The Killers were due to perform two so that was excellent. As the show is recorded the day before I'd heard that they'd actually performed four but it was very unlikely that we'd hear more than one and a half.

So, they played Human which was good. Then The world we live in – the current single and the third from Day and Age. That was excellent and was played in it's entirety. Fantastic!

Then – straight into Mr. Brightside – which spookily has just started playing on my ipod – and that was amazing. Brandon walked out towards the audience, you saw shots of the audience and of JR having a boogie on his desk and apparently you just don't normally get this.

And then – they started playing When you were young! And then the credits started rolling but I guess we can't really complain at three and a half songs when most bands only get to play one. It really was excellent. Great interview, great performance. Maybe JR isn't as bad as I thought.


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