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I’m not having fun


My new laptop arrived yesterday and spent the day having its battery charged. I thought it was very restrained of me not to start playing straight away, actually. I even did all my housework before turning it on today.

I wish I hadn't bothered now.

Before I can do anything with it, I need to get it talking to my wireless router. Shouldn't be difficult. I've set up Stephen's laptop – twice, and the Wii. This should only take a minute, right? Wrong. Two attempts and several hours later and it's now sitting in the cupboard where I can't see it. I do not need this much frustration after the shitty week that I've had. This was supposed to be cheering me up.

I've done the ipconfig thing on the laptop to get the number to put into the router permissions. Ok, that's not the technical terms but I know I've done that bit right – I've done it enough times – and I googled it anyway to double check. I've gone over the router settings to make sure everything is ok and it is.

The laptop has wireless turned on, it can see the router, but when I try to input the password, it goes into standby. When I eventually get it to stay on long enough to get the password input it refuses to connect and won't tell me why. It does it very fast and very prettily on its shiny new screen but it's getting very annoying.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. And that, I think, is what's irritating me more than anything. I've given up and I hate to give up.

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. I think I'll go and curl up with a good book now. Books don't crash, go into standby, refuse to connect or generally misbehave. I like that about them.


Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “I’m not having fun

  1. How annoying! sounds like the cupboard is the best place for it to be & with a book is the best place for you 🙂 another hug sneaked in from me too xx


  2. Hmmmm, sounds like your laptop is going the same way as that sewing machine nearly did!! Aren’t they annoying when they dont work (says she who hasn’t a piggin clue how to do such complicated techy stuff)…..I’d hide it in a cupboard too chuck. We definitely missed you at the weekend….cant wait to see you again in Brum.


  3. Aw Pet. Can I sneek in a little hug, sounds like you are totally fed up and I don’t blame you at all. I love computers when they work, and hate them when they have minds of their own (which they definitely do).
    We missed you this weekend, I hope we can get together soon.
    Chin UP.


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