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It's pretty much like XP really, only shinier and that may just be the posh screen on the new laptop, I suppose. So far everything is where I thought it should be and I now have itunes all set up with most of my music library transferred over from the PC.

And boy, wasn't that fun! I'd been using a transfer cable to move stuff between the old XP laptop and the PC but the transfer cable doesn't support Vista. Of course it doesn't. Cue much rolling of eyes. After much internet research I've come to the conclusion that it really is going to be much simpler to transfer the odd bits of music etc. over using a DVD-RW. So, 4GB at a time, an assortment of music and photos have been transferred over. I'm thinking of investing in a small USB drive for moving small amounts of data inbetween the two to save faffing about with discs in the future but that's done the job for now.

I've been testing the laptop just to see what the quality of the video and sound are like, using some music videos – by The Killers, of course. It's not bad, not bad at all. It really is odd getting used to the super shiny WLED screen on it after the matt screen on the PC but videos and photos look very good indeed on it.

And, having set up links to my favourite websites on IE, I'm now blogging on it. I really must get a nice wireless mouse though. I loathe using the slidey thing.

Right, perhaps I'll just watch a couple more Killers videos, just to test this screen a bit more…


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