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Rhinos and sketches

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I do like a good sketch to get me kickstarted into scrapping. Sometimes the resulting layout looks nothing at all like the sketch, sometimes it’s a carbon copy, but it always gives me a starting place which is what’s needed. I’ve got books of sketches by Becky Higgins which I pull out occasionally but usually now I look at the monthly offerings by Becky Fleck and the book by her, which I use a lot.

That said, I’m always on the look out for new sources of inspiration so when Louise put some sketches on her site I thought I’d have a go at using one of them. Now I’m not sure if this looks much like the sketch as of course the folder of photos I pulled out didn’t have just the right size of photos in it, but it’s similar. The main elements are in pretty much the same places which saved me all that tedious moving bits around for hours.

I used June sketch No:3 which is here

The title would have been bigger – I did intend to do it on the Craft robo but by the time I got around to that bit, Stephen was in bed and if I tell you that the robo is directly beneath the bedroom, and if you’ve ever heard a robo, you’ll understand why I used my ‘bug instead.

Also, I really needed to use a teeny bit of Archaic on there. No layout is complete without some Basic grey. And yes, I could have printed the journalling directly onto the background but I’m a wee bit in love with my new spellbinder dies so I needed to use those.

So, it’s similar to the sketch, but the important thing is that I started off using a sketch, thanks for that Louise, and very quickly, with no faffing around, had a completed layout. With actual journalling on it.


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One thought on “Rhinos and sketches

  1. Love it Carole, I think its great seeing how different people interpret a sketch


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