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Two new tyres

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That's all I wanted. Two new tyres for my beloved car. Not much to ask, is it? You just send the husband to Qwikfit with instructions to get new boots fitted to the front. Easy peasy.

Nothing is ever easy though, is it? Stephen came back looking worried. In his hand was my locking wheelnut removing thingy. This wasn't good. It's supposed to be in the toolkit that lives with the spare wheel in the boot. The spare wheel, should have been safely tucked back into its well in the boot but was still firmly, (I hope) attached to the car.

I should mention that a split had been noticed in my front passenger side tyre yesterday and Stephen had been persuaded that it needed to be changed for the spare before I'd consider driving to work this morning. Today the plan was to get a new tyre for that side and also the driver's side as that was put on at the same time and was looking like it might need changing too.

So, back to the drama. Qwikfit had got my new tyre, balanced it, taken payment for it and got it ready to put on my car. Then they attempted to remove the old tyre on the driver's side. The one that hadn't been removed for about five years. This is where the problems started. After trying for some time they managed to break the locking wheelnut remover thingy so making it impossible to remove that, or any of the other wheels. Problem.

This is when Stephen came home. With one spare and one dodgy wheel still on the car, and one broken wheelnut remover in his hand.

I dragged him up to the dealers where Pete the tyre man attempted to change the tyre over for me. Pete was very helpful. Pete also managed to break a locking wheelnut thingy. That sucker is on really, really tight, I tell ya. He did manage to loosen the other four nuts so that Qwikfit would be able to get the tyre off, once someone could get the locking one off. Pete reckons it needs to be attacked with an air chisel but sadly he isn't allowed one. He'd really like one though, apparently.

So, back to Qwikfit who were surprisingly reluctant to attack my alloys with an air chisel. One of their guys has some special tools at home and is going to try and remember to bring them in tomorrow so he can get this flamin' bolt off so I can have a nice safe new tyre on.

I just wanted two new tyres. That's all. Why is nothing ever simple?


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