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Qwikfit managed to very quickly remove the stuck wheelnut and fit the driver side wheel with a new tyre. Great. Then all they needed to do was remove the spare from the passenger side, and fit the wheel that had been re-tyred yesterday. Job done. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. Qwikfit could not remove the spare wheel so Stephen had to go back up to the dealers to find our nice tyre chap.

Sigh. Apparently, if you fit the spare on my car, you're supposed to use diffferent bolts to the ones that you use when you take off the normal wheel. It's not one of these thin spares, it's a normal sized wheel, just not a fancy alloy like the others, so how would you know? So, when Stephen bolted the spare on the other day, he ruined the thread on the wheel and has probably damaged the plate that it fastens onto.

So, my car is currently in the garage being dismantled. It's at least a three hour job at £££ per hour plus parts. Plus the cost of the two tyres of course. Sigh, ever wish a week had never started?


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