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June was another slow month for reading with only 12 books read. Only four of those were from the 1001 list, five were bookrings and none were from the Big Read. Five were teen vampire novels and two were cozy detective fiction so those seven were very quick reading. On the plus side, I did do a fair bit of scrapping but I also seemed to spend a lot of time in bed with migraines so that didn't help…

So, out of those twelve books, nothing stands out and shouts 'fantastic literary experience' but I did really love the new Mary Janice Davidson – Undead and Unworthy. Actually, I've just realised that when you add that one to the five teen novels that means that half my month's reading consisted of vampire novels. Sometimes I just feel like something bloodthirsty, ok?

Those teen books, the series by P. C. and Kristin Cast were really rather good. I started Marked on a Saturday night, finished it on Sunday morning, read Betrayed by the afternoon and finished the third one – Chosen by bedtime. Then I read Untamed and Hunted over the week. Lots of teenage angst, lots of vampirey lore that was shiny and new, and I can't wait for the next installment which I have on pre-order.

The 1001 books were a mixed bunch again this month. Fugitive pieces by Anne Michaels was enjoyable, as much as a book concerned with jews and the holocaust can be, but I really wasn't that keen on Elfriede Jelinek's The Piano Teacher. I found it quite difficult to get into and didn't enjoy it much at all. An artist of the floating world by Kazuo Ishiguro was enjoyable but it still took me quite a while to read. I just wasn't in the mood for it, which is a shame as it was a lovely book. Last but not least is The nine tailors by Dorothy L Sayers. It's a shame there aren't more of hers in the list as this was the one that I most enjoyed reading this month. Great plot and a fab ending.

I must have been in the mood for lighter reading this month, probably due to all the stress at work, as the two cozy needlework mysteries by Monica Ferris were the most enjoyable out of the bookrings. I have several more of those to come as I'm reading them on a spiral so I'm looking forward to getting those. And that's it for the month.

Now if I could just stop buying books faster than I'm reading them we'd be ok, but currently several of my favourite authors are bringing out books that are just screaming 'holiday reading pile' at me. The problem here is that I had enough books to take on holiday several months ago yet still I keep adding to the pile, with three being purchased last week and two the week before.

We don't go until November…



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One thought on “June’s books

  1. When ever you are ready for more Vampirey Lore, you have got to check out Emma Gabor’s newest, “Predatoress: Hungarian Bride.” I love it because for one thing, it’s background involves the original History of Vampirism, the country of Hungary, and some nice erotic flavor. A Thriller of course, but very well done.


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