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We spent quite some time watching and photographing these guys on holiday last year. They are cute, aren’t they. Not as much as Meerkats, who I can watch for hours, but still pretty adorable. I think it’s the way their tails wave around when they walk and the way they lounge around. They make for some very scrappable photos so here we have yet another layout.

More Basic Grey, this time Archaic. I’m going to be gutted when that’s all gone as it’s by far one of my favourite lines. There’re a couple of Prima flowers on there and the alpha is QK Frankie. Based on a Becky Fleck sketch from the book.

The layout was done before the weekend, but of course I’ve only just got around to uploading it. I’ve been rather busy since I broke up for this week off work doing work on the house. We now have a gym set up in the hottest room in the house – where else – but it was a room full of pretty much just ‘stuff’ a few days ago and now boasts a treadmill, music, and a tv & dvd to distract from the actual exercising. Not to mention the redundant aircon unit from the coldest room in the house (don’t ask). I think that’s not bad going.

We’re currently working on the next room, which will be a spare bedroom. It’s now empty of the ‘stuff’, and it’s amazing just how much stuff there was in there. Seven bookcases for starters, plus two built in walls of bookshelves floor to ceiling and both eight foot long. Yes, and just think of all those books I had to sort through and be ruthless with ’cause I did not keep all those bookcases and the shelves have all gone. The charity shop is very happy.

There’s just a wee bit of wallpaper to come off then the carpet will come up and we’re hoping to be at the putting wallpaper back on stage at some point tomorrow. I’d like to think we might get some floor down before the end of the week but that may be a tad optimistic as we’re out for dinner on Friday and I’m out cropping with Chris and the girls on Saturday. I’m very much looking forward to that as I haven’t been down to Paperarts in ages so it’ll be grand to see everyone again.


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