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Last week’s decorating binge went really well. The back bedroom/gym is done apart from a few bits that can’t be completed until we can move furniture into other rooms when they’ve been done. The front bedroom is coming along nicely. We emptied it, which took a lot of doing as it was full of clutter having been our living room for the past twenty years. The charity shop has had a windfall! When it was completely empty, we stripped wallpaper, ripped up carpet, removed skirting, and sanded and filled the walls. I spent several hours chiselling glue off the back of the plastic skirting so it can go back on when the flooring is down – that was fun, I like playing with hammers 😉

We’ve just been doing some more wallpapering – a couple more hours after work tomorrow will finish that and as the undercoat is on the woodwork, it won’t take long to do the painting. We need one or two coats of paint on the wallpaper – we’ve used lining paper again, and then the floor can go down.

I haven’t posted any pretty pictures for a while so here’s a layout I did a few months ago but hadn’t got around to uploading ->

We took advantage of one of the perks of staying on Disney and went to several ‘Extra Magic Hours’. This was Epcot at night. You can see the delightful wristband that Stephen is wearing so the cast members know we’re allowed to be there. They fasten them on well – they don’t come off without scissors.

Epcot is lovely at night, especially when the fountain is going and I’m quite fond of this photo as the dark hides the other people lurking behind us.

All this uses is Basic Grey Granola – paper, chip sticker, border sticker and alpha stickers. I do love Granola – blues and browns – bostin’!


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