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Delayed by a duck


The renovation of the front bedroom has been coming on nicely. The walls are painted now so today, as we both had the day off, we decided to tackle the flooring. Once again we're putting the floor down ourselves. We've done all but one of the rooms downstairs, just leaving the large heavy ceramic tiles for the experts, and this flooring is supposed to be very, very easy to put down. (After the horror that was the utility room flooring we wanted something less likely to cause a divorce.) So, we made a fairly early start and had got the first strip of underlay fastened down with the first planks of floor ready and it was looking like it might all be going smoothly. 


Then I spotted something coming up the road. I couldn't tell what it was at first but then I realised it was a duck. With nine ducklings following behind. Just walking up the middle of the road. Not something you see every day, not in our road anyway as we don't have any water particularly close. The nearest is about a ten minute brisk walk for me, and I have longer legs than those ducks.


Aren't they just stinking cute? Ducks! I love them. I'm fascinated by them. And, instead of concentrating on laying our nice new floor, I spent the best part of an hour and a half watching the ducks from the window in between putting down the odd plank. Also, taking photos from the window. The result? Not much floor got put down.

I was a wee bit worried about them at one point as they looked as if they were lost. They were wandering up and down alleyways as if they were looking for somewhere/something. Then they went and played in the long grass on the island for a while before having a nap in next door's shrubbery. Then a neighbour let his yorkshire terrier out the front and the ducks all played dead. I was prepared to rush to their rescue but they were fine. To be honest, I think the duck would have fought off the yorkie just fine…

Eventually they wandered off and I was able to concentrate on the job in hand but we did only manage to get half the room done. The flooring though, was just as easy to put together as promised. I'll definitely stick to this brand in future as it's a complete doddle. No glue, no hammering, it just clicks. Love it.


Hopefully we'll get it finished before the furniture arrives.


Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “Delayed by a duck

  1. That flooring looks great – what is the brand you are using?


  2. Those ducks are fabulous chuck, very very cute. Your floor looks great…cant wait to see it.You & Stephen have worked so hard on it, you must be dead proud of your handy work.


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