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I have no idea where the time has gone. I've just checked the date of my last post and it was almost two weeks ago. Crikey!

So, what's been happening? Well, the bedroom renovation is still coming on very nicely. Not only is the floor finished, but we now have some furniture in there. And, it's partly assembled. The shells of the wardrobes are up, but they need to be fastened to the walls and each other before we can put doors on. The doors need to go on before we put the drawers and other fittings inside as we need to know where the hinges are going to go first. And, we can't quite fasten the end wardrobe to the other two until the electrican has been back to put the wiring through for the light switch as that has to be fastened onto the side of the wardrobe. And of course, we can't get the electrician in until the wardrobe is almost ready to be fastened to the others so we know exactly where it'll be sitting. Phew.

The two chests of drawers are done though, and are looking very lovely. One is a small two drawer to use as a bedside table and the other is a slim but tall unit with a lift up mirror on the top with a felt insert where I can keep my jewellery and whatnots. I've been lusting after this particular unit ever since I laid eyes on it at Ikea last year. See, some females lust after shoes and handbags. Me, it's sinks and drawer units. I'm odd that way.

We got quite a bit done on the renovation when we had that week off work but mostly we've been putting in a couple of hours after work each day so it's been taking some time to get stuff done. We're getting there though, and it's looking very nice indeedy. You'd hardly know it was the same room.

Ang was down from the Northern wastes last week and we had great fun on Friday and Saturday with coffee and shopping on one day and a trip to PaperArts on another. The PaperArts trip was allegedly for scrapping but Ang didn't actually stick one thing down all day. I didn't do a lot more. We did do a lot of chatting, shopping, and generally enjoying ourselves though. T'were bostin'.

At some point I'll take more photos of the bedroom but having just whacked my thumb with the hammer I'm not feeling inclined to go play photographer so it'll have to wait. Think I'll go find a good book and some chocolate to console myself.


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