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I had an argument with my printer earlier today so decided to abandon that particular project in favour of another one that I'd been planning for a while. It turned out to be rather like playing a sparkly game of tiddlywinks. I have this bling, you see. Hotfix crystal rhinestones to be precise, that are meant to be applied with my bejeweler. But, if you have a large pattern in mind, you can get this stuff, ok Mylar transfer film if you insist on being picky, that enables you to make the design up and then iron it onto the garment/bag/whatever. Cool, huh?

So, I've been planning this design for a good few weeks. I've sourced the Mylar stuff from my favourite Ebay bejeweler stuff supplier, along with a bit of new bling. I had the design printed out ready to go. I'd even purchased some bargain t-shirts from M&S. All I needed to do was actually 'do it'.

So, being frustrated at every turn by my printer, which is still in the dog house, by the way, I sat down to stick a few stones to the Mylar sheet. I didn't expect it to take that long, but hadn't actually counted how many stones my design took. I've finally finished, several hours later and have now counted the dots. 449 of them. And each one had to be tweezered onto this clear sticky stuff and very, very carefully aligned to the dot on the pattern beneath it. Then it would move. And nudge the one next to it that was already in the right place. And they'd both have to be realigned. This was repeated over and over.

I have the most comfortable tweezers in the world but I swear they've given me blisters. And that was just the 4mm stones. Then I had a small area that used 2mm stones. I nearly cried at that point. Have you ever tried to pick up a 2mm hotfix stone with a pair of tweezers. With anything come to that? I'm pretty sure if I turn around I'll see the floor twinkling at me due to 'the ones that got away'. Still, the design is finished and if I can manage to sucessfully iron it onto the t-shirt it'll look bostin'.

Photos to follow if I succeed. A deafening silence to follow if I fail.


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Tiddlywinks

  1. Ah, it’s not as bad as I made it out Bev. It took me a dozen stones or so to get the hang of placing them but it was the sheer tedium of four hundred odd that got to me, followed by the teeny, teeny ones that skitter all over the place if you so much as look at ’em.
    Plus, you know how anal I am about getting things placed just so… LOL


  2. I have used the bejeweler and find that a little tedious (althoug the results are good) , but that mylar sounds interesting but also a little frustrating


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