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Oh my goodness – it worked. And it was surprisingly easy. Actually not that surprising considering I spent most of the morning preparing for it. When I wasn't procrastinating, that is. I even went and did housework to avoid turning the iron on as I was so nervous that it might not work but it seems like lots of preparation and reading the online instructions twenty times does, in fact, pay off.

So, pictures. This is the Mylar sheet in the process of having the rhinestones applied to it. As you can see, the stones are face down and the design is mirror image. You print out your design and then tape the corners of the Mylar on top of the design. It would no doubt be easier if the stones weren't quite so close to each other…


The design is The Killers official logo and most conveniently comes already dotted like that so was the perfect choice for a first attempt. Plus they're my favourite band, obviously.

Once the stones were all applied, the backing sheet went back on for protection while I got everything else ready. Looks much better right side up, eh? And what a lovely sludge coloured t-shirt I have to go with it. You know, I've just sorted out all my t-shirts and I must really like this colour as I have seven just like it with various designs on them.


I needed something between the two layers of t-shirt so the glue didn't seep through and stick the t-shirt together. Unlikely, but vaguely possible apparently, so I put a table mat on top of a tea towel between the layers with some PTFE sheet on top as added heat protection. (It needed to be a hard surface.)

Then the bling had to be carefully positioned so it would sit in the right place when the t-shirt was being worn. This required me to try on several similar t-shirts, compare arm-hole and neck-line positioning etc, make copious notes and use several rulers in order to get the placement 'just so'. In other words, more procrastinating.


A sheet of PTFE goes on top of the Mylar to give a more even heat and to protect the Mylar and the garment from the heat. Ok, deep breath, and turn the iron on. Let it heat up. Another deep breath and apply heat to the PTFE and hold for 20 seconds. Lift and reapply to another area. Repeat until all the stones have been heated. Use the tip of the iron on the 2mm stones. Walk away for five minutes to let the plastic cool down and cross fingers.

And at this point, you're supposed to gently lift the Mylar and if some stones are not adhered, you  just repeat the process. There's lots that may have gone wrong and lots I was prepared for. Uh huh. No, I just carefully, slowly and gently peeled off the Mylar in one go and every single last stone stayed put. And twinkled at me. Easy peasy. Amazed, delighted and rather gobsmacked. That was me!

Meet my new favourite t-shirt. It is so incredibly blingy! I love it.



Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Wow! how clever are you!!!! it’s lush šŸ™‚


  2. http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/ASKE-Creations1_Transfer-Film_W0QQ_fsubZ10945721QQ_sidZ52184785QQ_trksidZp4634Q2ec0Q2em322
    That’s where I get all my bejeweler stuff from. Shipping is a bit steep from the US now, but I usually get several bits and combine shipping to make it less painful. They do have rather a lot of pretty bling…


  3. oh wow that is super snazzy – where d’you get the mylar sticky stuff from? I feel a blingy session coming over me, lol!


  4. Wow, the end result looks seriously professional and like one of those expensive official T-shirts! Need a pic of you in it next! :o)


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