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I have purchased one of these. An advanced spider repeller.

I'm pretty sure it's going to work. I really, really hope it's going to work.

At the moment I have two less advanced spider repellers plugged into the craft room and I never see a spider in there. They only cover the single room though and they make a fairly loud clicking sound. Also, I'm fairly sure they give me a headache if I try to sleep next to one, having tried when we first got them, and again for the last three nights. Whether it's the Ultrasonic waves or just the clicking keeping me awake, I don't know but I have been headachey since I plugged one in next to the bed on Monday night. No spiders in the bedroom though. Not sure if that's a good trade-off or not.

This new one allegedly does the whole house through the wiring so you only need the one plugged in, so it needn't be in the bedroom. I've just been reading a thread on the AV forums where a group of macho blokes with huge TVs and sound systems admit to being terrified of spiders and discuss various methods of repelling them. It made me feel quite a bit better, to be honest, and they seem to think this repeller is ok.

The only thing that worries me is, if the spiders are all going to want to leave the house when I plug it in – do I really want to be in the vicinity? I think I'll plug it in and then get in the car and go. Far away. Until Stephen tells me it's safe to return…


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