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Only twelve books read last month as I was busy with some craft stuff and also some DIY. Not to mention hiding from the monster spiders!

I did manage to read another four books from The Big Read list so a result there, and one of them, The Great Gatsby was very enjoyable indeed. Captain Corelli's Mandolin was ok and The catcher in the rye was interesting but not one I'd rave about. Those three are also on the 1001 list so a bonus there. The other one was actually a child's book but I've never let that put me off. It was Goodnight Mr. Tom and I loved it. I got quite emotional actually. I'm such a soft touch…

That meant that I managed six from the 1001 list in total, with the other three being The Third man which was suitably film noir-ish and a very good read. Also in the volume with it was The Fallen idol, not a 1001 book but a very good read. A very short book was They shoot horses don't they? which I thoroughly enjoyed. That was one of the highlights of the month. Finally there was The New York trilogy which was three stories dealing with identity all in one volume. That was an excellent read too.

There were a couple of Charlaine Harris books in there. What month would be complete without some? I read the latest two in the Aurora Teagarden series; Last Scene alive and Poppy done to death. Both fun reads, both very good. I do love her books for a nice light, entertaining read.

The remaining three books were 'just because' books as in just because I fancied reading them. I have a 'To be read' bookcase and when I don't have any bookrings demanding to be read next, or if I don't feel in the mood for a challenge book, I browse and see what leaps out at me. This month three books decided they wanted to be read.
The Devil's right hand was first. This is the third book in a series I've been enjoying about a necromancer. Lots of supernatural action, lots of fighting, demons, etc. Good fun. Nice and dark.
The 19th Wife jumped off the shelves next. I've been meaning to read this for ages. A tale of Mormons and polygamy set in the past and in the modern day. It was excellent and kept me fascinated.
Finally there was A dirty job. This was recommended on BookCrossing as a book that would appeal to anyone who liked their books on the bizarre side and it did not disappoint. I liked it a lot and will be looking for more by this author.

Not a bad selection, eh? I'm on track for both The Big Read challenge and the 1001 challenge thanks to a fine effort this month. At least until you realise that two of the books still to go for The Big read are War and Peace and The pillars of the earth. *gulp*

Better get reading…



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