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Today I got home from work to find a Priority Mail envelope all the way from the US. As my very overdue Scrapbook Trends magazines had finally turned up on Monday, this envelope had to contain my recently ordered bling.


Lots of bling! I'd wanted to stock up on the 3mm and 4mm coloured rhinestones as I'd only had mixed bags of those before, and also to restock on the 4mm crystal rhinestones as I'd pretty much used most of the ones that I had on that Killers t-shirt. I got two of the special bargain packs at my usual supplier, ASKE Creations, so got lots of colours of each size plus a few other bits for not too much money.

Now I have plenty of glittery rhinestones to go with the pretty twinkly rhinestuds that I stocked up on last time and I've just spent a very happy half-hour sorting and labeling.


I got two packs of the 4mm Sapphire rhinestones as I have another t-shirt design ready to go and need about 350 stones in the main colour for that. I haven't decided which colour to use for the secondary part of the design yet but I now have plenty of choice. The template is printed out and the t-shirt is pressed and hanging up in my craft room so I may get it done this weekend.

Must finish a certain other craft project first though…


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