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I have this bookcase which is pretty much just for books that are waiting to be read. The top shelf has a section for BookCrossing books, mostly 1001-library books that are waiting for someone to ask for them or for me to read them, but also any rings or rays that I currently have. The rest of the top shelf and the other five shelves are all TBRs.

My problem was that it was overflowing a bit. Well, quite a lot really. I had odd books stashed away anywhere they'd fit. There were some squeezed in between some classics on another bookcase where they looked a bit odd. Paperback Dean Koontz and Tess Gerritsen next to leather bound Hardy and Austen? Not what I had planned when I designed the room. Then on the other side of the room where I have the paperbacks that I'm particularly fond of there were unread books squashed in there too, but double stacked. Eeek. Not allowed!

So, something had to be done, and as I seem to be buying the darn things faster than I'm reading them at the moment it needed to be done quickly. I mean, I am reading them, just not the ones off mount TBR. Not enough of them to make a difference.

Now, I'll be taking a fair few on my holidays as I'll get through quite a bit of reading while we're away so as a lot of the books I've been buying have been earmarked for 'The Holiday Pile', it occured to me that if I pulled those out of the TBR pile, it would then look a bit smaller. Good plan, huh? Now, what I hadn't realised, and I really should have after last year, is just how many books I've bought for 'The Holiday Pile'. Hmm, It made an awfully big dent in Mt. TBR.

So, I've finally whittled it down to a sensible number. Sensible being the most that I think I can sneak into the suitcases without Stephen blowing a gasket. And now all of the TBR pile is back in one bookcase.

This is the holiday selection, until something else new comes out and I change my mind of course.

For the journey there, bearing in mind that this has to cover an overnight stay in a guesthouse as well as a few hours in Gatwick plus a very long flight. Quite a varied selection, eh? Sway looks really good.
Sway – Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman
Remember me – Sophie Kinsella
Dear Fatty – Dawn French
Odd hours – Dean Koontz

For the return journey when I'll have less time to read as it's a night flight so we're hoping to sleep.
Folly – Alan Titchmarsh
Two caravans – Marina Lewycka

For the actual holiday. They may not be read in this order but this was an attempt to mix them up a bit. As much as you can when you're only taking light reading with you that is.

 Wk 1
Kill for me – Karen Rose
Wedding season – Katie Fforde
Bad things – Michael Marshall

Wk 2
Keeping the dead – Tess Gerritson
The Beach house – Jane Green
Out of the blue – Belinda Jones

Wk 3
Change of heart – Jodi Picoult
Too close to home – Linwood Barclay
Rumour has it – Jill Mansell


Actually, I'm worried that I might run out but there are some lovely bookshops and I know where they all are so not really a problem. There's supposed to be a rather nice used bookstore in Key West and I thought I might see if they had any Hemingway in there. Seemed appropriate somehow and I'll take any excuse for a browse amongst some smelly old books.

Right, I'm just about to make sure all of these are registered on BookCrossing as I doubt any of them will be making the return journey across the Atlantic. Their suitcase space will be needed for other things…


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2 thoughts on “That solved that little problem

  1. Oooh looks lovely that pile there Carole, you’ll have to let me know what Out of the Blue and The Beach House are like. :oD


  2. Sounds like a lovely holiday with all that reading. I managed half a book on our last trip….


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