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I mentioned a week or so ago that there were a couple of books remaining on my The Big Read challenge that were somewhat on the large side. One was The Pillars of the Earth, which I have now read and the other was War and Peace which is still TBR. Also in the top fifty is The Count of Monte Cristo which looks huge but is less than 900 pages so isn't quite as bad as Pillars and W&P. The rest didn't look too bad at all and I have nearly all of them in the house ready to read, apart from about three which I've started to round up as it's getting close to the end of the year now. Yes, I know it's only September but I like to be prepared.

So, I did a search on BookCrossing to see if there was a copy of Gone with the wind in the 1001 library so that I could request it. There was one, I requested it, and early this morning, as I was sitting in bed with a cup of coffee and a copy of The Magus, the postman knocked the door in order to hand me a very thick parcel. It was the book I'd requested. It's big. Much bigger than I'd realised. Another doorstop in fact at over 1000 pages. Gah!

I thought I was doing quite well with my challenge but had no idea that I'd left so many ma-hoo-sive books till the last minute. Three doorstops still to read, plus five classics – no hardship there as I am looking forward to those – plus an Irving which could well be a doorstop, a kid's book which I have to source and The Shell Seekers which I also still have to source. I may well have to purchase that one as it isn't a 1001 book. Or, I suppose I could always use the normal library…

Now there's a plan. Think I'll go online and order that one now. Please let it not be a doorstop!


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