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Smile like you mean it

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Or as Stephen insists – 'like you smile mean it'. It's my latest blingy t-shirt creation and Stephen reckons that as I've got the words in the wrong order, people won't 'get it'. Do I care? I do not. It's my t-shirt. I'm going to be wearing it and if I'm the only person on the planet who knows what it's meant to say then that's ok with me. And I don't care if Stephen thinks it's 'stoopid'. Humpphh.

It was a bit more tricky to do than the last one. I've used 4mm sapphire coloured rhinestones for SMILE to make it pop and they were easy enough to place on the mylar, as they are large enough to pick up with the tweezers and after the last one, I've got the hang of placing them without nudging the last three that I placed. And, they ironed on nicely too. I knew just how long to hold the iron in place after last time.

The rest is in 3mm bronze rhinestuds. These are smaller in diameter but also are not so chunky so are much more difficult to get hold of. They flip all over the place. They really are tricksy little devils! I had to make several attempts to iron them on too, as there were a few that just weren't sticking. In hindsight I think I held the iron on for too long. I don't think they need as much heat as the stones, but I'll know for the next one.

In the end I had to use the bejeweler for the last dozen and oh boy was that fun. I'd just about got the hang of that by the last two or three but the first few were all over the place. Good job they come off when they're still hot – if you're really, really quick.

So, this is it.


I'm considering doing one that just says Bling in a scripty font for my next effort. And maybe doing some flowery designs round the neckline of one. It's quite addictive this t-shirt pimping, you know…


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One thought on “Smile like you mean it

  1. Yeah, but that’s Stephen innit??? lol
    Love the new T shirt bab, it’s bostin & I quite agree with you……it’s your T shirt & you can do what you like with it!! xx


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