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I found out that my friend Bev was taking an online class called Blogging for Scrapbookers, which is being run by Shimelle. It sounded intriguing so I went over to the website to see what it was all about. I liked the look of it. I really do need a kick up the backside where my scrapbooking is concerned and I haven't been blogging much lately either. So on Sunday afternoon, Stephen signed me up as my birthday surprise.

No, it wasn't me that was surprised. It was Stephen – I didn't tell him until today. He was very surprised, but when I thanked him and told him how much I was enjoying it so far he just smiled and conceded that he did have very good taste when it came to getting me presents.

The classes started yesterday but as I was a bit late signing up I didn't get my first prompt until late on day one so I'm a day behind now. I'm hoping to do two days in one on one of my days off this week but if not, I won't stress about it. I'm off on holiday while the class is running so I'm bound to get rather behind then – I can't see any scrapping getting done while I'm away although there'll be plenty of blogging. Plenty of blogging!

So, on with Day One and my intentions for the class. I'm hoping to blog daily but I won't worry if I don't. I'll try to do something, even if it's just a few lines. What I'm really hoping to get from the class is to get into the habit of blogging more and to start Scrapbooking again. I know blogging is a very useful tool for scrapping, which is one of the reasons I blog so much on holiday. When I come to scrap the holiday, I can pretty much cut and paste the text to use for journalling and I have the dates/times/places all there without the need to look anything up. Plus the sense of fun and adventure and awe is still there when I blog about a day feeding giraffes or going up in a helicopter so I hopefully capture that in the post, and then in the scrapbook page too. What I need to do, is learn to do that all year round.

As requested, I've taken photos to document my working space. I have a long, narrow craft room. I Surf and blog at one end, and scrap at the other. I also scrap in the middle as I have another desk, but that's taller and is used mostly for stamping and painting as I prefer to stand for that.

This is my Blog space. Note the essentials – Ipod, coffee, Winnie-the-Pooh mouse mat, selection of dictionaries and reference books.


This is my Scrapping space. Most of the storage is on Ikea units, and is out of sight on the right. Sewing machine strictly for scrapping only. I hadn't realised how untidy it was under the desk until I looked at the photo. Maybe I'd better tidy that up a bit…


There, I can feel all virtuous now – Day one task complete. Maybe I'll even do a scrapbook page for it at the weekend when I've more time.


Author: Carole

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7 thoughts on “Taking a class

  1. Ooh. I like Stephen already! 🙂


  2. Hi, I love the header on your blog, if those are some of the books you like to read we would get on well, I can see a couple of my favourites there!


  3. I’m taking the class too and thought I’d drop by your blog and say hi! What a great gift 🙂 Love your craft space!


  4. Was totally laughing out loud at your description of how Stephen was surprised with the lovely birthday gift he got you. Too funny!


  5. I am looking forward to your holiday blogging, I feel like I get to come along and enjoy your holiday too!


  6. Love the surprise present….my OH’s just had that type of surprise with my xmas present….but at least we get what we want then!!!! Love your idea of blogging on holiday…..and then using to scrap from….must pinch that one.


  7. One very vital piece of blogging kit is missing chuck…..yes, come on…guess?? You cant?? Well,it’s chocolate of course!! Silly silly.
    It’s always lovely to read your blog chuck, you have a fabulous writing style & I also love your holiday blogging….we share your adventures that way & usually turn a very fetching shade of green with envy too.
    Great to see your scrapping room again, such a gorgeous space.


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