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This is something that I tend to avoid. Mainly because I have to do it in person, as in actually go to the shops and try stuff on. I much prefer do my shopping on the internet but clothes just don't seem to fit me so internet shopping isn't really an option for that. Also, when I do find clothing that fits me and is comfortable, I tend to keep it. For years. So, I don't need to go clothes shopping very often. Usually a quick trip to Matalan once a year to top up on plain t-shirts will do me. Mind you, having now renovated the bedroom so that I have sufficient space to hang all my t-shirts up in one place, I can see that I don't actually need any more t-shirts ever again. Seriously.

Problem is, I have just lost a bit of weight, and need some clothes that aren't quite as baggy. We've been in the loft – and by we I mean Stephen – to retrieve the case full of clothes that were too small and 'would never fit me again'. They now fit and some were slightly too big. Yes, you may have detected a slightly smug note there. Sorry. After going through that lot, and discarding the seventies and eighties fashion disasters, I still needed a few things to manage with on holiday, the main items being a couple of pairs of trousers and a navy cardigan to tie everything together. Boring, I know, but necessary.

So, off to Tesco as I had some vouchers to spend. As I'd hoped I got two pairs of trousers, one navy, one grey. They'll go with my existing shoes, blouses, jumpers, and t-shirts. What's more, they're a smaller size than I've worn for over 20 years and they made me feel rather good. Not too expensive either.

Trousers Great. Next I just needed to find a navy cardi and I could call it job done. There was a slight lack of Navy Cardigans though. Plenty of other woollens, including a rather lovely jumper which I fell in love with. I didn't need another jumper, I wasn't shopping for a jumper but it was so long and slim and it looked so lovely over both the navy and the grey trousers…

BlueJumper Then I found some cardigans. There were some really nice ones with a three-quarter sleeve, almost like a batwing. Part cashmere so very, very soft. Fairly short, buttons at the bottom but loose at the top. Lovely. Just what I'd had in mind.

GreyCardi Hmm? Oh yes, it's grey. Not navy. Wondered if you'd notice that. But it was so pretty. And soft. And it does go so nicely with the grey trousers. Not a problem, anyway. I had more vouchers for Debenhams so we were headed there next. 

I always find Debenhams confusing. Why can't they just put all the dresses in one place, jumpers in one place etc. You have to really search to find anything with all the separate shops in there. Strange place. What was even odder was that we bumped into a woman there that we'd been chatting to in Tescos. The two shops are ten miles apart and the woman was a complete stranger. Bit 'twilight zone' if you ask me.

But we did find one bit that had some lovely clothes in it and I fell in love with this one jumper. I know, I know, I wasn't looking for a jumper. I didn't buy it. I went upstairs and looked some more for a navy cardigan. Then, when I didn't find one, I went back downstairs and bought the jumper instead…

GreyJumper Oh come on! Look at it. It's gorgeous. How could I resist? And that is actually a lousy photograph. I hadn't realised how tricky it was to photograph woollens. Look at it on the website here. That is a much better photograph and that is what it looks like on. All sleek and slimming, and clinging in all the right places.

That was Thursday. Friday I had to go back out to do more shopping. This time for undies. While it was very nice losing some weight off my backside, I also lost some of my, umm, cleavage. This meant buying some new bras as mine just don't seem to fit right any more. First thing in the morning found me in M&S. Over an hour later I emerged with a small selection of colours and styles carefully chosen to fit all occasions. Then it was back to Debenhams where finally I emerged with…

Drum roll please

NavyCardi Oh yes, it's a navy cardigan. Very plain, very boring but it'll do the job. It is soft and it is quite pretty. The buttons are nice. It's just hard to get excited about a navy cardi.

Blogging for Scrapbookers: Prompt four was to blog about a life experience you consider to be boring and as I dislike shopping I reckon this'll do nicely for that particular assignment. So, two jobs done. One cardi purchased and one assignment completed. I reckon I've earned some chocolate.


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13 thoughts on “Shopping for clothes

  1. I think 25 pounds is quite a lot to lose. I’m struggling with the last 5 I need to lose and it’s been a struggle. Love your new clothes; I love to shop and enjoyed your trip through the internet.


  2. Well done on the weight loss – sounds as if you deserved some new stuff.
    I love the blue/navy patterned jumper and the grey bat-wing cardigan. The navy cardi is plain, but you could jazz it up with a pretty brooch, pin on a pendant instead of a brooch, or a fabric corsage? You could even add a thin edging of braid, velvet ribbon or lace in a contrasting colour and have a garment that is totally unique!


  3. What a great blog post! Well done on losing the weight and for all that shopping! (Linda from Shimelle’s class)


  4. Congrats on the weight loss! I’m in a very similar spot, have lost weight, went clothes-shopping today, but did not have nearly as much luck in finding things I like. (Also on a search for grey and/or navy slacks, but now they’re all too short 😦 ). I so identify with the dislike of shopping!


  5. I hate clothes shopping too! But I love the sweaters you picked out. Congrats on the weight loss!


  6. You definitely earned the chocolate!! What kind did you have?


  7. I don’t think I could have managed to be that persistent in the search for a navy sweater. Love the stuff you bought!


  8. This made me smile. very well written and encouraged me to read to the end
    Me I try on clothes at the shop and take photos of me in them in the fitting rooms lol


  9. Thanks for the lovely comments.
    It wasn’t that huge a weight loss – about 25Ibs, but as I’m only 5’2″ that did make a difference. I haven’t dieted as such, mostly exercise and I had help as the new migraine meds have appetite suppression as a side effect. Not that I’m complaining, you understand.
    I’ll get plenty of photos taken on holiday so I’ll do a before and after when I get back next month.


  10. Wow ~ that was a nice long blog there Carole. Congrats on the weight loss and all that shopping too!


  11. Next best thing to shopping for clothes is reading about shopping for clothes I reckon! I enjoyed this


  12. Congrats on the weight loss!!


  13. Carole I admire your staying power ! I would have definitely given up .I hate trying clothes on and am constantly disappointed with how I look in stuff !
    So huge weight loss it seems, lets see a picture then, before and after.


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