A slight obsession with books

Reading and Fibrecrafts

Four days to go!


 Let the packing commence.



Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

9 thoughts on “Four days to go!

  1. Yes Chris, that is indeed a skirt. I also have a blouse to go with it. Not something you see very often is it, me in a frock LOL


  2. Is that a dress/skirt I see!!!! Have a wonderful time and we’ll catch up when you get back.


  3. Have a bostin time bab, hope your holiday is fabulous I’m green with envy chuck. I’ll look forward to reading the holiday report on your blog.


  4. Have a lovely time Carole – hadn’t realised it was so soon that you were up up and away!


  5. Not sure where you are going, but I’m betting you’re going to need to leave lots of room for many wonderful books.


  6. I love your blog! Scrapbooking and books are my favorite things!


  7. Hope you are going to pack a bit more than that!!


  8. There’s room for both Bev 😀


  9. forget the clothes, pack me instead!


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