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A few years ago I got it into my head that for our next big wedding anniversary I'd really like to do an Alaskan cruise followed by a trip over the Rockies. In my head it was a train ride over the Rockies but over the years that's developed into a road trip as the scrapbooker in me needs to be able to stop and take photos and a husband driving a car is much more likely to do that than a train driver. It's been one of those dreams, you know those dreams that you can think about for hours but you never think will actually come to pass, expecially with the current economic climate.

Then, a few weeks ago, Disney announced that one of their cruise ships, The Disney Wonder, would be doing Alaskan cruises in 2011 from May to September. Our Anniversary is during the very last cruise. And, we could use our Disney Vacation Club points to pay for it. Suddenly it was looking very possible.

Could I really just book a cruise for two years ahead when I hadn't even finished planning next year's holiday yet? What if our financial situation changed? What if? What if?

I dithered for a couple of weeks, while doing extensive research online into the Disney cruises, the staterooms on the ships, the Alaskan cruises in general, the rough cost of flights etc. etc. Then, I took a very deep breath, phoned member services and booked it. I got the date I wanted and the exact stateroom that I wanted. When I put the phone down I just sat there slightly stunned. I had just booked a 7 night Alaskan cruise. I was going to Alaska! Holy cow!

This is our itinerary

I think I may have told everyone I came into contact with over the next couple of days. My colleagues were getting slightly worried that I was going to keep up that level of excitement for the next two years. I have now calmed down slightly, luckily for them and for everyone else that I know.

What I need to do now though, to ensure that this is a holiday of a lifetime, is to plan for all I'm worth. The rough plan so far is to fly into Vancouver and have a few days there before the cruise. Then after the cruise we'll drive to Calgary and fly home from there. I need to plan the route we take from Vancouver to Calgary to make sure we take in as many highlights as possible and do the research to find out where to stay along the way and for how long. We'll probably take three weeks to do it all. Possibly a few days more.

Once I've got a better idea of our route across the Rockies I'll blog about it, with some notes about the places we plan to visit. I also need to pick shore excursions for our cruise. I've been looking at some typical ones and they're amazing. The things you can do! Must start saving my pennies…

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13 thoughts on “Planning ahead

  1. Wow that sounds so awesome carole
    We did the drive across the Rockies a coupel of years ago and i highly recommend it. we have done the canadian and the US Rockies – both awesome and totally different.
    I envy you the cruise and hope you have a fabulous time


  2. I loved Vancouver as you know… I would definitely do the cable car ride up Grouse Mountain (the inner X-Files geek will appreciate it) if you have chance. ;o)
    Also the best meal we had was in the revolving restaurant on top of the Rennaissance hotel where we were staying in Coal Harbour (just a short walk from where the cruise ships come into Canada Place) – it was so good that it has been the benchmark meal for all other dining excursions since. Otherwise Cardero’s on the harbour was also great – in fact staying in that part of Vancouver was wonderful as you could just wander down to Stanley Park or walk into Gastown or to Robson Street – where if I remember correctly there are 2 Starbucks on one intersection.
    Ah, happy times, happy times.


  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Now I’m even more excited.
    Angela – The float plane in Ketchikan was one of the shore excursions we were looking at so thanks for that – and I will be making good use of The Dis and Dibb.
    Gail – The railway was the excursion in Skagway that we were looking at so thank you for that. Useful to know that the afternoon one might be better.


  4. Carole, you’ll lovre it. We just took our second one in September – In Skagway check out the White Pass Railway (aside from the glaciers that was the highlight of our 1st trip) If you do the afternoon one might be better wehen we were there the morning one had low clouds. Any questions just ask me.
    From Shimelle’s class.


  5. how excitig for you! I spent my entire childhood living up there, and have never done the cruise thing! its a beautiful state!


  6. You are going to love it! My family took a Holland America cruise through DVC to Alaska back in 2007. Really use the disboards to help you plan this! My favorite thing was the float plane in Ketchikan. . .. Our pilot landed in a misty fjord and we got to take photographs. Now I know how to use a DSLR instead of a point and shoot. . . and would love to go back and photograph all of this again.


  7. My parents have been to Vancouver twice, they also took the train across the Rockies. I will ask mum where they went, I know they loved it so much they went back the following year.
    I am sitting looking at the Disney Dream for Aug 2011, I can’t really imagine booking fro 2 years hence, but i have the points and I am so tempted


  8. how fantastic what a brilliant thing to do
    val from shimelles class


  9. Now that sounds like an amazing trip!! Enjoy the ride, before, during and after πŸ™‚


  10. Thank you so much for that Jane! I’m cutting and pasting that straight into my planning file πŸ™‚


  11. Sounds amazing – how exciting!!! vancouver is lovely too – and try to give yourself a few days close to Calgary, so you can visit Banff and Lake Louise because it would be such a shame to go so far and then miss the real Beauties of the Rockies.
    My favourite place of all (if you have a few hours to spare and want a nice walk) is to visit Canmore – such a gorgeous mountain town – and take a walk up to Grassi Lakes. It is STUNNING up there πŸ™‚ A real hidden jewel πŸ™‚
    Banff is gorgeous and Lake Louise/ Moraine Lake are a MUST!!! πŸ™‚
    Stanley park in Vancouver is just gorgeous, with it’s Totem Poles and HUGE HUGE trees….Vancouver Aquarium is also wonderful!! Whistler mountain village isn’t too far from Vancouver – the Sea to Sky Highway is breathtaking and takes you straight there – Whistler is where much of the Winter Olympics is taking place!
    I am in Edmonton which is about 3 hours North of Calgary. We’ve been in Canada for 7 years now.
    Another amazing place to go would be the Bass Pro store in Airdrie which is JUST north of Calgary. It would be an amazing place to go – it’s a store but like nothing you’ve ever seen πŸ˜‰
    Jasper is also gorgeous and has Maligne Lake and the Jasper Park Lodge hotel……very romantic and stunning πŸ™‚
    You’ll have an amazing trip – soooo exciting πŸ™‚


  12. A trip to Alaska is one of our dreams as well. Do you have a link for the Disney Cruise?


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