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 Saturday – 14th November. Today's plan was to have a leisurely, relaxing day. Jet lag was having its wicked way though and we were awake fairly early and were up by 5.30am. Just in time to get ourselves some coffee and get settled with the cameras while waiting for the sunrise. It was lovely to see the sky gradually turning red over the ocean and to see the waves that we could hear crashing onto the beach. This is the sight that appeared after watching from our balcony for an hour or so. I'm so glad we were on the top floor. The view was superb.


After a mug of coffee and some toast, we took our time getting ready, mainly because I was on the laptop blogging and chatting on Facebook, and then we went out to explore Vero Beach. We haven't been here before but as we were heading south it seemed like a good idea to use our DVC points to stay here and use it as a stepping stone on the way down to the Keys. It's a lovely resort and we enjoyed rambling round it this morning. This was the obligatory photo.


Then we found this. Isn't it fab? I'd love one in my 'back jungle' at home. It'd make a lovely feature but the distances would need altering by a few thousand miles.


We then strolled over the wooden dune crossing so we could look at the beach and the ocean. There was a four to eight foot swell predicted which was quite impressive and was probably the reason why there was no-one swimming. Stephen had seen surfers earlier though. We took photos looking up and down the beach and I took a few of Stephen posing nicely.


After taking the photos we used our room key to access the ramp down to the beach. The sand was damp so was nice and firm to walk on. We rarely go on a beach as we just don’t do beach holidays. The thought of spending the day sitting on a beach, even with a book, just makes me shudder. Give me a holiday where we can ‘do stuff’ any day. But, a nice walk along a beach makes a pleasant change occasionally, so that’s what we did. I even played chicken with the surf.


Now you might notice this photo has a slight blue tint to it. There are two reasons for this. The first is that 'techno-boy' had been playing with the settings on his camera, although he's hotly denied it. When I realised that all his photos for the day had a distinct blue tint, again despite his claims to the contrary, I had a look at his camera which had the white setting on tungsten. That'll do it. Sigh. My skin is not actually blue, neither is the sand.
The second reason is that I was unable to fix the problem as well as I usually would have in my beloved Elements. That's because when I went to open it up at the guesthouse in Gatwick on Thursday night, it demanded a serial number. I have no idea why as I'd already tested that it was working ok but it left me without a photo editing program. I quickly downloaded Picassa as I knew it was free, downloadable and one of my friends uses it and reckons it's good. I'm getting on ok with it but not well enough to fix the above photo any more than I already have, and believe me I have removed quite a bit of the blue that was there.

After we’d explored Vero Beach, and stopped off in the shop to purchase a rather nice blingy VB t-shirt, we went out to get some lunch. We needed to visit a Target and a food shop and having checked on the internet knew where we needed to go. We were going to go to Ihop for lunch but it was quite a bit further past the mall where the other places were located and was in a not so nice area so we turned round and went to a Bob Evans instead. Stephen likes it there, and I can get some Pumpkin pancakes at an Ihop another day.

I had a pot roast stroganoff with a side salad and garlic bread. That was delicious and even though I had the smaller portion, I couldn’t finish all the stroganoff. Not a problem as Bob Evans bring you a Styrofoam carton to take your leftovers home in and I’ve just had mine microwaved for my dinner. Stephen had Deep dish pot roast beef with mash and a buttermilk biscuit with veg. He said it was lovely but slightly salty. We had the bottomless coffee cups, which our server was very good about keeping filled and the bill came to just under $20.

I bought some mini hair straighteners in Target after picking the ones I wanted on the internet before we left home. I didn’t want to bring my big ones and these will work much better over here, are dual voltage for travelling, and are half the size of my others. Only $15. In Walmart we bought lots of water, a Styrofoam cooler for the car, some Starbucks frappuccinos (to which I am addicted) and a few bits to tide us over. Oh, and a snuggly cardi to wear round the hotel room at night as I forgot to pack something to chill in. I do like US sizes, although the size on this cardi makes me sound rather anorexic! (S/CH 4-6)

Then jet lag started to catch up with us again so we came back to Vero Beach just to relax and Stephen promptly fell asleep. I’ve been reading a bit, surfing a bit, although the internet has been a bit dodgy this afternoon/evening. So the day went pretty much to plan. We saw our sunrise, we had a nice stroll in the fresh air. It’s been lovely and sunny and warm. And, we’ve had a very relaxing day. Tomorrow we have a long drive, but an enjoyable one we hope.

See you in Key West!


Author: Carole

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5 thoughts on “Vero Beach

  1. DH and I spent a few days at Disney Vero Beach a few years ago and loved it. Your post so brings back memories! Good luck getting your camera/white balance issues sorted out.


  2. PS – Just made my first trip to Costco and yup, I bought the infamous pack of paper! I can’t wait to get stuck in and use it. I was thinking of you as I bought it.


  3. I’ll be interested to hear how you found Vero Beach, as like you, we just don’t do beach holidays. Maybe with a riveting book and no kids, but then I might as well be sitting in the back garden!
    I have done that tungsten thing before, we use the tungsten setting often at the ice rink and if I forget to change it back then I often end up with blue photos. You can apply a filter in photoshop which helps, but i am not brilliant at fixing them.


  4. beautiful sunrise! interested to hear about the rest of your holiday 🙂 never had much interest in Disney but like the sound of the Florida Keys


  5. Beautiful sunrise picture. Don’t you just hate when a camera setting gets changed & you don’t know – we lost a lot of my niece’s wedding pictures by the camera being on landscape – duh!
    Have a great time and hope the jet lag is done with.


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