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Miami – Beach, Ducks & Malls

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We have had the most brilliant day! I have never laughed so much. We've been out for most of the day and are quite weary now. I'm relaxing with the laptop while Stephen plans tomorrow's adventures.

Today started with breakfast in the hotel. We get a free breakfast here; coffee, juice and pastries. Not bad pastries, but the coffee was a bit strong. What with the sugar and the overload of caffeine I might have been a bit hyper for a while. The car is on a meter here so we had to dive out at 8am to feed it, and we were out and headed for the Art Deco welcome center shortly afterwards. We bought tickets for the Duck tour there and got some maps and leaflets, then had a stroll along the beach.


 On our way back to the car, Stephen spotted this. I had to persuade him that Budget would be quite cross if he swapped it for our hire car. Probably the owner would be too. Also, there's no way it'd fit in the suitcase. He was most disappointed.


 Next we drove to Lincoln Road Mall and parked up. We had a coffee and a snack and a wander round while we waited for our Duck tour to start and then went to start our day's main adventure.


 This was just the most fun we've had in ages. Our guide was hilarious. There was just the right mix of information, jokes, singing, dancing etc. We didn't just sit and watch, you understand. Participation was compulsory. We had to quack, sing and agree with him when told to. At one point we were all singing YMCA and doing the actions to match. This is him in action doing his country and western bit. I think he kept a straight face for all of ten seconds.


 We drove along MacArthur Causeway and I managed to get some photos as we were going along.


 When we splashed down into the bay it was wonderful. You got a fabulous view of all the posh houses and the skyline from there. Plus I love being out on the water with the sun and the breeze. It's so relaxing.


 An hour and a half after we set off we arrived back at our starting point, but not before we'd been treated to this performance.


We were bombing along the road at this point and he was hanging out of the Duck singing to passing trucks and cars, telling them we were making a reality TV programme. Side splitting!
Oh, and as we were gliding up Ocean drive, we were trying to make the people on the sidewalk dance. Quite successfully too. We also embarrassed some chaps who were working out, cheered some guys who did some impromptu break dancing and played appropriate music and sang wherever possible. It was absolutely brilliant.

After our tour we walked the length of Lincoln Road Mall, and had a late lunch there. Then we headed for Bayside over the Causeway. I had a reason for wanting to go over there – that's where The Hard Rock Cafe is. We found it fairly easily and located the cafe. I got my bears, and the Miami bear is so stinkin' cute. He's called Vice Cop bear but as soon as I saw him I said he was a Miami Vice bear. He has the white suit with the sunglasses. He's gorgeous! I got a lovely t-shirt of a design that I've not seen before and three more pins for my board. Oh, and then we took some more photos.


 We had a general look around Bayside Marketplace which is very nice indeed. Stephen got a Miami t-shirt and we popped into Starbucks. The sun set while we were there and all the lights came on which made it all very pretty.

So, that was our fun-filled day, and not a migraine in sight. Hooray! Right, better see how Stephen's coming on with tomorrow's plans.


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One thought on “Miami – Beach, Ducks & Malls

  1. Sounds amazing. That’s the 2nd rave review I’ve read of the Duck tour, sounds like it’s a must do.


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