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In a sudden burst of energy this morning we were up at 6.30am and managed to get to the back gate of Epcot for 8am for Extra magic hours. By 8.10 we were staring in disbelief at the 50 minute standby queue for Soarin'. How on earth?? As there's no way I'm standing in a 50 minute queue, not even for my favourite ever ride, we grabbed Fastpasses and walked over to Test Track. I wasn't hopeful and when the queue was all the way over past Ellen's we didn't bother going any further. Instead we went on Spaceship Earth. Stephen loves that ride and it has been updated rather a lot since we were last here. You get to play with a wee computer on it now, and at the end can watch a video based on what you did and then send yourself a postcard. The video was hilarious. I know, I've just watched it again, courtesy of the postcard.


I have no idea why the top of my head is missing but I really need to go back and have another play. I need to do the ocean option next.

We then went and had some breakfast in The Land at Sunshine Seasons. I was very tempted at the bakery especially by the Pumpkin creme brulee and the Key Lime pie but was sensible and had a 'proper' breakfast instead. I'm going back for that creme brulee though. Just you see. Then we had a ride on Living with the land – another of Stephen's favourites. Finally it was time for Soarin'. I love that ride. The technology is amazing, the way they can make you feel as if you really are gliding over all those landscapes. They even pipe in the smells of pine and orange. Wonderful.

Next it was time to go and hunt out some Photopass photographers. They proved rather elusive today though and we only found the one down at the front of the park. I've just viewed the photos and they're not brilliant. They're nice enough shots of us, but the lovely background is missing as he's cropped in really close. Must try again another day. We've plenty of time. Still, he was very nice and took a couple with our own camera for me so I have some 'blog fodder' too.


Note the new hair Bev? No more bowl shaped fringe. It's just a shame you can't see the lovely topiaries behind us, but clever how we're positioned as if we're wearing their hats…

After that we strolled up through the World Showcase, just ambling through the countries, taking the odd photo and admiring the Christmas Holiday decorations. There are some nice trees.


Just made for posing next to really. Oh look, here's another one. Stephen hasn't quite got the hang of getting the tree in the photo yet, I'm afraid. You'll have to take my word for it that there is a rather large decorated tree behind me.


We timed it nicely to catch the street entertainment in Italy. He was rather good. Not quite Cirque standards but very amusing. I do like the way they have the street entertainers. You never know what you're going to come across.


By the time we got to France we'd been in Epcot for five hours and needed a sit down. As we were only round the corner from our resort we decided to come back to our room for a rest while we decided what to do this evening. In the end we spent the evening relaxing here, partly because we couldn't summon the energy to go back out and partly because of the humungous thunder storm. We were also on a tornado warning apparently.

The plan tomorrow is for a late start at Hollywood Studios so we can see the Osbourne lights. We haven't seen them since 2003 so we're looking forward to that, and hopefully there'll be a few more Photopass photographers in evidence there. With a bit of luck we'll manage to stay out past dark without nodding off too…


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2 thoughts on “Epcot

  1. I love the little hands that seem to be growing from out of your ears, oh bless. You both look so well & relaxed chuck.


  2. Too funny, I thought you were wearing really silly hats and was most confused.
    I like your hair,


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