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Stephen made a new friend today. There we were, happily eating our lunch in Asia, not bothering anyone, and suddenly we found ourselves with company. We did point out to him that if he wasn't careful he could end up on the menu but he didn't seem to care. We even showed him the packets of Duck Sauce that we were adding to our Sweet n Sour pork (Stephen) and Shrimp Lo Mein (me). Still he wasn't fazed.


 He was just like a little dog,  looking longingly up at Stephen waiting for scraps. He even let out a plaintive quack at one point. He was really cute. Eventually he gave up and waddled off though.

We did go to Downtown Disney earlier. And, we had a look at the balloon. It is rather windy today though so we decided to wait for a calmer day to go on it, partly because I still feel queasy from the migraine and a swaying balloon might not have been the best option, and partly because I also get motion sickness and a swaying balloon – well you get the idea. Next time I'll go armed with Stugeron. I'm  pretty sure it's a go though. It doesn't look scary.

We fancied some park time and headed for Animal Kingdom, our favourite park. We knew it was going to be too busy to get on any rides but we just wanted to soak up some atmosphere and maybe visit the gorillas and tigers. First stop was of course, the crazy tram ride. Our first one this year. I love the Disney tram rides!


 We had our photo taken at the front of the park by the huge Christmas tree. There were two photographers and one took a photo with our own camera for us. Not sure what was going on there, I don't think I was quite ready for that one to be taken. The Photopass ones are much better though. You can see from the long sleeves it was a bit cooler today. I was even wearing my jeans and trainers.


 We looked for more photographers once we got inside the park but I'm pretty sure they'd all flown south for the winter. I know where they all normally hang out and they just weren't there. They really are hard to find this year. So, we went to visit the gorillas instead. We watched the batchelor pack have a bit of a scrap and then took some photos of the gorilla family on the other side of the bridge. This guy was happy to pose for us. Doesn't he remind you of someone?


We did find a photographer on the way out who got us to wave and roar for the camera. Those photos came out quite interesting. We also got some more taken at the huge tree at the front and got a 'Magic shot' done. It's a new one I haven't heard of before. We had to hold a wrapped parcel and when I viewed the photo online, Stitch is jumping out of it. I should have some great Christmas shots to scrap this year!

We're just taking a wee break as I went a bit wibbly again but then we're off out to Epcot.



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