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It’s been snowing!

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Ha! Thought that'd get your attention. Snow in Florida? Now I know it's been cold but that'd be pushing it. But, if you've been here at this time of year before you'll know exactly what I'm talking about of course, and that's Disney snow. At certain events, Disney needs snow to make it authentic, so they make snow. Of course they do. What else would you expect? Tonight we've been to see The Osbourne Lights and that just would not be the same without snow. So, it snowed. On demand. It was completely awesome.

We started our day very slowly and lazily again. We knew we were going to be out a bit later so we didn't want to go out too early and wear ourselves out too soon. Or, more to the point, freeze to death before we saw the light show. About noon, we took a brisk walk along the path to The Hollywood Studios. Normally we'd stroll but the temperature wasn't conducive to strolling. We could have taken the boat but even the thought of standing still long enough for the boat to come was enough to make me feel colder. I like the way the Studios gradually come into view as you walk along the path anyway. It's a nice walk.

Like the other parks they have a lovely big tree outside the entrance so we stopped for photos. No photographer there so we took our own.

I was just pretending to be 'dead 'ard'. There was a very warm fleece by my feet that I'd just taken off for the photo. I'm such a poser! We had warmed up quite a bit with the walk and the sun coming out so we did put our jackets in a locker once we got in the park. For a few hours anyway. Once the sun started going down we fetched them back out but it was nice not having to carry them round.

Amazingly we found several Photopass photographers inside the park. Obviously there were none at the other parks as they were ALL here. Four lots on the run up to The Hat, one lot by The Tower of Terror plus three doing The Osbourne Lights. There were lots more doing characters ect. as well. We made good use of them and persuaded one to do the 'Balloon shot' which we'd been trying to get done for a few days. I've just viewed it online and it looks good. Must try to get it done again a few times to get some different poses if possible. We also got a 'Stitch coming out of the ground' shot and the obligatory 'scared in front of the ToT' pose. We've got some nice ones including the ones at the Lights.

We did do some rides as well, not just get our photo taken. I don't want you thinking we just swan around posing all day. First stop was to get a Fastpass for The Tower of Terror – one of my all time favourite rides. Considering I used to be terrified of lifts and still really don't like heights it's pretty strange how much I love this ride and odd how much Stephen doesn't. The main rides all had long standby times so we wandered down to see if we could get on The Great Movie ride. We both love that, cheesy as it is. We had the best timing ever. We walked up to the entrance, straight in, all the way down and straight onto the ride. No wait at all. Fantastic!

Next was The Backlot Tour which was fun as always and then up to The Tower of Terror to use our Fastpass. It was brilliant. I love that ride. I got some great airtime as we had some fabulous drops and I was screaming and laughing my head off at the same time. I was laughing so much my eyes were running. That is such an ace ride. It scares the willies out of Stephen.

After that we had something to eat. Stephen won't eat before going on The Tower of Terror - just in case. We just had something from one of the snack places, a pizza for me and a deli sandwich for Stephen. Plus two coffees to warm us up a bit. We still had an hour after that before the lights were switched on so we did the Indy Show. We got there nice and early and for the first time ever we got front row seats and had a brilliant view. We love watching that, probably 'cause we love the Indy films.

Then, time for the main event. The Osbourne lights. We hadn't seen these since 2003 so we'd been really looking forward to this. They were the main reason we were here so late in the year. They were quite different to when we saw them last but they were still amazing. Just look at this. That tree at the end was seventy feet high and when the lights danced, which they did at intervals, there were different colours inside and it was just beautiful.

Then there was this. All the angels were waggling their wings.

And of course there was this. It was part of a train, so Stephen needed to pose with it. He likes trains…

The whole display was breathtaking. The way the lights were set out, the way they danced, the Christmas music, which I was still humming all the way back, and of course the snow. The snow just made it perfect. 
In the morning I need to pack as we're going home. Nope, still not UK home. This time it's Animal Kingdom Villas home. It is nice having so many homes…


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One thought on “It’s been snowing!

  1. Ooooooh, it all looks sooooooooooooo spectacular chuck, bet you’re got some bostin photos now.


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