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After we checked in yesterday, and unpacked, we caught the Disney bus over to Animal Kingdom. We snagged a couple of photographers on the way in and got photos taken by the tree and in front of the AK sign. Then we made our way straight to the Safari to grab Fastpasses. We only had just under an hour to wait to use them and we were ready for some lunch so we got a snack and sat in the shade.

Then, onto the Safari. This is definitely one of the best rides at Disney. We love it. We saw plenty of Animals and had great fun. 

When we came off the parade was just starting so we dived back on the Safari with no wait at all and had a row each to ourselves on the ride. We just went from side to side depending where the best view was. It was brilliant! And, the best bit? When we came off, the parade was just coming back but there was hardly anyone waiting to see it. This meant we got to see the entire parade with no-one in front of us, and no-one jostling us. Fantastic. We took a few photos. Obviously.

Then we ambled over to Dinoland for our other favourite AK ride – Dinosaur. I just love it! We got a walk on again. No queue. Excellent. I started giggling half way through though, and couldn't stop. I was still laughing when we were walking out. It's just that we've done that ride so many times that I know the script and was talking along with it. It's the guy out of CSI: Vegas and I start cracking up from 'Hello there!' with the sock puppet. 'Not our dino' is one of our catch phrases at home. Honestly, I think I may have been on that ride perhaps a few too many times.

And then there's the memory of the ride photo with our Jo, my Best Niece. Being an evil Aunt and Uncle we didn't tell her, when we took her on the ride, back in 2002, that there was a bit where a large scary dino jumps out and roars at you. In fact, we made sure she was sitting on the side nearest where the large scary dino jumps out and they take your photo. It's a brilliant photo. Stephen is sitting there as if he's riding a bus taking no notice at all of the dino. I'm hamming it up for the photo, badly. Poor Jo, however, looks terrified and is trying to climb over both of us by the looks of it. We're so cruel. It's a great photo but I'm not sure she ever really forgave us for it.

Anyway, I digress. We had a very pleasant afternoon/early evening in Animal Kingdom. We went on rides, looked at animals, soaked up the atmosphere and on the way out we found several more photographers, who promptly got press-ganged into taking our photos. Perfect!

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