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Holy Cow! This place is amazing. It's gone straight to the top of our 'wow factor' resort list. We thought we knew what to expect as we stayed at Jambo House last year, which is the other part of Animal Kingdom Lodge but we were very wrong. This newer part is just incredible. Ok, so the lobby doesn't have quite the same impact as Jambo House does but the room. Oh the room just has to be seen to be believed. The decor is beautifully African just as we expected but it was the sheer size as we walked in.


We walked past a door on either side and into the main living area. There's a comfy seat plus two chairs for the dining table. There's a coffee table in front of the sofa and an extra wide, soft comfy chair opposite. Just out of sight on the right is a wooden drawer cabinet with the flat screen tv and dvd player. There are some lovely pieces of art on the wall. You can see some on the far left. All the wooden furniture has African style carving on it. On the near left is the kitchen.


It has everything we normally get in a one-bedroom. Huge fridge, cooker, dishwasher, microwave etc. Plenty of crockery and stuff. Home from home, just like the advert says.

Then we took a look at the bedroom.


 Happily there's one of these ipod dock hoosits here too so I'm well happy. There's also the huge bed with masses of cushions all nicely arranged with a tied up washcloth and a printed proverb.


See how the lamps are done like ostrich eggs? And more art on the walls. Two phones in the bedroom, just in case you can't get to the one in the living room quickly enough. On the other side of the bedroom is this.


Plenty of drawer space and more importantly a desk with three electric sockets and two HSIA sockets. I'm sitting in that chair right now, all plugged in. It's dark now but during the day if I turn my head to the left I'll be looking over the savanna. 

Then we come to the bathroom. Oh boy. We've had some nice bathrooms on this trip but this one is blimmin' huge. I tried really hard to get a photo that showed it all but you just can't get the angle right. Stephen thought it was hilarious that I was stood in the bath with the camera. He just doesn't understand. This is the best I can do to demonstrate the massiveness of this room.


 On the right as you go in is the whirlpool bath then the walk in shower, with seat. Straight ahead is the vanity area. To the far left is the door to the loo, and to the near left is the double doors to the closet containing the hanging storage, extra bedding, extra large safe etc.

And that we thought was that. There were the two doors we passed on the way in though so we went to check those out. One we knew would be the laundry room, which it was. Washer, dryer, etc.


We assumed the other was more hanging storage. Nope, another bathroom. Not as big as the main one, but it has a bath, with shower over it, a vanity unit and a loo. So, I promptly claimed the big bathroom for myself and relegated Stephen to the small one. Hey, I have more 'stuff'!

We're on the fifth floor, which is the top floor. The balcony runs all the way along from the bedroom to the living room and gets the sun for most of the day we think. It was very sunny at 11am when they let us check in at any rate. (Can you believe our room was ready that early??) We had a couple of giraffes wandering about then, one very young.

Oh, actually we have Ankole cattle out there at the moment. Four of them, grazing very noisily. Stephen just dragged me out onto the balcony to have a look. There's just enough light to see them. They have lights shining down from the roof. It looks like moonlight rather than spotlights so it's quite discreet.

What I love about Disney resorts is the detailing. It's little things like this.

P1050013 P1050007


The way Mousekeeping fold the towels, the details on a lamp and a row of tiles in 'my' bathroom. You won't be surprised at the amount of photos I took of just our accomodation. There's so much to look at. Just sitting here I can see the detail on a lamp and the beautiful mirror frame in front of me. Then there's the carving on the desk. Not to mention the fact that a giraffe just walked past our balcony. D'ya like the way I just dropped that one in? No, this resort is truly amazing. We are very lucky indeed to be able to stay here. 


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