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We had a very lazy morning again yesterday. We got up late and then sat on our balcony relaxing and looking out for any animals that might come up our end of the savanna. Considering we're on the fifth floor and normally I'm very leery of standing on any balcony of a height greater than say umm, five feet, I'm not doing too badly here.

About noon we went out and headed off Disney for the first time since we arrived here, and went to Premium Outlets. Stephen needed some brown shoes or possibly some trainers. He was being a bit vague about which but it was going to be cheaper to get them here so off we toddled. I like shopping there. They have all the main brands and the prices ain't bad.

We haven't been there for a good while though. I don't think we went last year so when we walked in and saw this you could have knocked me down with a feather!

I really, really love Crocs. I've got far too many pairs as it is but do you see that sign in the window? Crocs on sale. Oh yes indeedy! We came out with two pairs each. Stephen got the normal type Crocs and I got two pairs of Patra, the sandal style. One Khaki/pearl white and one Chocolate/sea foam. I thought I was very restrained.

We also got, after visiting what seemed like every shoe/trainer shop in the mall, one pair of brown shoes and one pair of brown trainers for Stephen. Apparently he couldn't decide which he needed so we got both. Sales…

I also got a nice long sleeved top in the sale at the Nike shop. And, apart from a nice lunch at the foodcourt, that was it. Six pairs of shoes and a top. I did stroke the cashmere jumpers in Ralph Lauren. Reduced from $250 to $70 but I still ain't paying $70 for a jumper no matter how soft it is. I can get four pairs of Crocs for that!

When we got back to Kidani, we had a walk round the resort. There are several places you can go to look out at the various savannas. The lookout by Sanaa is at ground level and gives you a really good view if any animals are nearby, such as this young lady. She's 19 months old. I asked, 'cause I'm nosy. She's also really cute.

Then, back to Johari treasures to fill our mugs with coffee and off for more relaxing in our room, ready for our big night out.



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