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That is the balloon at Downtown Disney going back up to 400 feet. The winds were fairly high today, as far as the balloon operation is concerned, so only ten people were allowed on at a time. Note how sharp this photo is. Does this look like a photo taken by someone with shaky hands? No it does not. Impressive, huh? Considering we'd just got off that balloon when I took this photo and we'd been all the way up to 400 feet. In windy conditions.

We had an amazing view. We could see The Hollywood Studios. The Tower of Terror was easy to spot. We could see where The Magic Kindom would be if there wasn't a hotel in front of it, but we did have a good view of The Contempory and BLT. We could also see The Swan and The Dolphin and of course Epcot.


Now I will admit to having taken all photos from above with one hand as the other one had a death grip on the railing. Thank goodness that Baby Lumix is easy to handle with the one hand. I was fine going up as it shoots up really fast and I had my eyes on the horizon. I was fascinated with how far I could see and it wasn't until we were almost at 400 feet that I glanced down. That was a bit scary so I tried not to do that again.

They keep you spread out evenly while you're going up but once you reach the maximum height you're free to walk around as much as you like as long as you don't all rush over to one side at once. I was worried I'd be the only wuss but oddly enough no-one else really moved much either. One woman moved round a bit but she kept one hand on a railing at all times. I moved along a bit but as I had the camera in one hand I had to loose the rail with the other hand in order to do so. I felt rather superior about that, until I caught a glimpse of this.


That's looking down the centre of the balloon. That small structure with the yellow blob on it is that large structure in the top photo. I'd like to point out that I didn't look at what I was photographing here. I just pointed the camera and kept my eyes aimed firmly at the horizon. There's no way I was looking down there! Until I accidentally did, of course.

All in all, I'm glad I went up there. I wasn't actually scared, just a bit nervous if I looked down. I get more scared on bridges, and there's no way I'd go up a building that high, but this was nice. There was a great view and it felt safe. You're not up there long enough to start freaking out if you're so inclined, so if you're thinking about doing it, I'd say go for it. If I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can.


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Up, up and awaaaay

  1. I’m thinking you were way braver than me Bev. There’s no way you’d get me up the Eiffel tower!


  2. Wow Carole, I am impressed. It must have been a day for Bravery as I went up the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday.


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