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Last night we went to Mickey's very merry Christmas party at The Magic Kingdom. Believe it or not it was our first visit to The Magic Kingdom this trip so it was our first glimpse of the icicle castle. Wow, it really is pretty.


It wasn't too busy, as these nights go, so we didn't have any mad queues to get on rides. We went on Buzz Lightyear twice, Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean and Stephen's favourite – The TTA. What a let down that was. They've changed it. No more Mr Tom Morrow. Shame. It's more like one big advert now, and they've taken all the humour out. We spent a lot of the evening watching parades, shows and fireworks.


We partook of the free hot chocolate and cookies. Twice. Well, they were very nice. We had some great photos taken, especially the one right in front of the castle where the camera is low down. That one's come out really nicely. I've already started adding borders to some of the Photopass photos online. I can't wait to get the CD so I can get some printed and scrapped. Definitely worth doing, and we were still there and awake at midnight, although we were yawning a bit on the bus back to Kidani.

Today we went back to see The Magic Kingdom in the daylight. The weather forecast was for a good chance of rain as there's a nasty storm in the north of Florida which was heading this way. We were lucky though as it held off until gone 9pm. We had a smashing day again today. It was very warm but a bit blustery. Much like last night, all the rides we went on had less than a ten minute wait. We did Buzz again, also The Haunted Mansion. We did The Jungle Cruise, which wasn't open last night. We went on Goofy's Barnstormer, and yes I know it's only a kiddie ride but we like it and if rumour is correct it won't be there next year so it was our last chance to go on it.

There was plenty going on in the park to watch today. We stood and watched the band for a while.


 Just before we left another show started at the castle. As we'd been walking round the park, we'd kept seeing the odd firework going off but we were never close enough to go and see the show. This time we timed it perfectly to see the show from the bridge.


We didn't stay for all of it as we wanted to pop to the mall and it was looking like a storm was coming but we saw some, which was nice. I'm quite chuffed with this photo too.

We did get to the Florida Mall, just so we could go to Harry and David's for some chocolate cherries and some Moose munch. Can't come all the way here and not get those!

Last full day tomorrow and we're still deciding what we're going to do with it. I guess we're going to be winging it.


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