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Epcot and Exploding mustard

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We had another slow start this morning. Stephen was quite happy sitting on the balcony and I wanted to finish my book. I was reading Bad Things by Michael Marshall, a psychological thriller, and needed to see how it ended. Once we'd stirred ourselves to get ready, we decided to go to Epcot, mainly to see if we could get on Test Track as that was the only thing we hadn't managed to cross off our 'to do' list this year.

We got a bit delayed on the way out as we spotted two Okapi through the windows of the corridor and spent some time going up and down in the lift to see which floor gave the best view, and also seeing which set of windows were best. The Okapi kept moving, of course, so it turned into a bit of a hunt. Great fun, just like being on a sort of indoor safari 😉


Eventually we got to Epcot and grabbed a Fastpass for Test Track. It was only an hour's wait to use it so we went on Ellen's energy adventure while we waited. We rather like that. Then onto TT, after getting more Fastpasses. We scanned our Photopass card for the ride photo, and wished that more rides used that system. Wouldn't that be great! We went for a stroll up to the Christmas tree and back and got a couple of photos taken, including the elusive Soarin' magic shot. We posed for that one and it's come out brilliantly. Can't wait to get it printed. Then back to Test Track for our second go.


After that we were peckish so we wandered up the World showcase to see what we fancied for a late lunch. We ended up in Morocco in the Tangierine cafe and had a delicious meal. Really yummy lamb and chicken with lentils, couscous, houmous, pitas and some yoghurt dip. It was one of the tastiest meals I've had all holiday.


Then we come to the exploding mustard. Stephen really, really loves his mustard. He loves it so much he apparently keeps some in his pocket. You know those little packets you get in cafes? He had three in his pocket with an alarming amount of other stuff. His pocket was like Mary Poppin's bag! We think his sunglasses must have pierced one of the mustard sachets because as he put his hand in his pocket it came out covered in mustard. He looked worried, I burst out laughing. As you do. But then came the really funny bit. From out of his pocket, covered in mustard, came a box of cherry flavoured Tunes, two more sachets of mustard, a hankerchief, some cash, his sunglasses, and the park map. Will it cure him of hoarding mustard sachets? I doubt it.

So, after cleaning up Mustard-boy, we popped out of the top entrance to Epcot and went into The Beach Club to get a few photos of the Gingerbread carousel as we'd forgotten to get some before we checked out.


Yummy looking isn't it. Just look at the list of ingredients!


Then a stroll back and a surprise. We found a Photopass photographer by Stormalong bay taking photos with The Boardwalk as a backdrop. I've not seen one outside of a park before so we had our photo taken to encourage this development.

Now we're back at Kidani, more or less packed. In the morning we have to be up early to get to Downtown Disney for check-in and then we have half a day left to play before heading to the airport. I really don't want to go home!


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One thought on “Epcot and Exploding mustard

  1. I have so enjoyed reading the diary of your holiday. Looks and sounds as though you have had a fab time!! Sharon XXX


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