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My poor body has absolutely no idea what day it is, let alone what time. Last night, I knew I had to be up at 3.30am for work and was convinced I'd sleep through both alarms so consequently I woke every half hour thinking I'd overslept. As a result I've been absolutely shattered all day. Bet I sleep well tonight though.

We had a pretty vile journey back from Orlando on Saturday and I don't think we've really caught up from that yet. We didn't land until 10.30am and Gatwick were really, really slow to get the luggage through. It took us two hours from stepping off the plane to walking out of the airport. Two hours! Springwood Guest house were brilliant and picked us up within minutes of us phoning and had us on our way promptly. They were fantastic!

Because of the delayed flight and the amount of turbulence on the flight, Stephen didn't eat much and didn't get any sleep either. He felt quite wobbly as we left the guest house and sod's law would have it that we'd gone down in his car, which I'm not insured to drive. I couldn't drive that – it's huge, like a flippin' bus. We were worried that mine wouldn't start after three weeks in the cold, you see. So, he had to drive and wasn't feeling that bright so I made him pull into the services to get some food and drink inside him and we waited until he felt a bit better.

With all the delays it was 5pm before we got home. We were supposed to be at a wedding for 3-ish. We could still have gone to the evening 'do' but Stephen still wasn't 100% and I was dead on my feet so we both collapsed into bed as soon as we'd lugged the cases into the house.

We really were sorry to miss the wedding, as it was a very special one, but there were just too many events conspiring against us. We did have a lovely surprise yesterday when the newlyweds popped in with flowers for me. They're beautiful and smell divine. They also brought some wedding cake so we didn't miss out completely. We're looking forward to seeing photos soon, as the wedding sounded fabulous. Gutted we missed it.

We still haven't unpacked, I just can't seem to summon the energy. I might leave it until my day off on Friday. Is that really lazy? I've been doing some editing of the Photopass photos this afternoon. That has a deadline so I reckon that takes priority over housework-ish stuff. Any excuse will do me…


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