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Curing the post-holiday blues


That's the worst part of going away on a fabulous holiday – the coming back to reality. After one week back at work I feel almost as if I've never been away. I say almost. The pile of unpacking on the bedroom floor keeps reminding me that I have been somewhere. Maybe that's why I haven't dealt with it yet. Or it could be traces of jetlag as I still feel weary. And cold. It's so cold here. That's a big downside to going somewhere lovely and warm in the winter. You really feel the difference when you get home again.

Still, I have found a cure. I've been booking next year's holiday and now I have two holidays to look forward to. There's the Alaskan adventure in 2011 and the one currently being booked is next year's Disney trip.

I've been tinkering around with our DVC points to work out the best use of them and I've finally got a plan that works. I've made reservations at the Beach Club Villas for our first 11 nights and at Kidani Villas for our last 6 nights. Once we get to the seven month window, so I can book outside of our home resorts, I'm going to try to change the Kidani booking to 8 nights at Old Key West. That'll leave two nights free in the middle.

The plan for that is to book one night at The Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios as I want to go and play in Harry Potter land. Oh yes indeedy. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter and I can't wait to see what they've done there. I'm hoping that they still have 'front of line' access for resort guests then, which is why we want to stay on site. Plus, of course, The Hard Rock Hotel is really, really cool.

We only need to stay one night there to get two days worth of 'front of line' so a night's accomodation is good value. The idea is to see which of our two available nights is the cheapest and book that, and we have enough points to add another night to either Old Key West or the Beach Club Villas depending on which night is left, and if there's availability. Fingers crossed the plan works. If not, at least we have accomodation booked for most of the holiday and we'll be getting a nice long stay at The Hard Rock Hotel so all is not lost.

Now I'm scouring the internet for flights and boy have they gone up in price in the last year. For the same flights I'm looking at almost double the cost and I ain't paying that! So, rather than hiking down to Gatwick in order to fly direct we're thinking about flying indirect from Birmingham. I've always said with a flight that long I really didn't want to add to it by going indirect but I can knock £300 off the bill by doing that, taking the cost of staying overnight and paying for parking into account.

I'm just dithering about whether to wait and see if I can get the flights any cheaper or get them now in case they go up. Decisions, decisions. Still, I do love planning. And I love having another holiday to look forward to.


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2 thoughts on “Curing the post-holiday blues

  1. Sounds like a fun vacation! I always end up flying out of the airport furthest away from me because it is the cheapest, even if I have to spend the night in a hotel for a 6am flight


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