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And about time too, I can hear you say. I've had a fairly productive weekend actually. Two of the suitcases, both hand luggage, the overnight bag and the holdall have been completely unpacked and ALL the contents dealt with. Clothes were sorted, laundered if necessary, and then put away. Not an easy task as there were some new clothes in there that had to be washed on their own just in case. After turning all of Stephen's socks pink last year, and more recently tie dieing his work shirts I'm just a tad more cautious about what goes in with what.

Then there's all the 'stuff' that you bring back. Some things had to be put in various places round the house. Some needed to be sorted back into the case so I'd know where it was next year, such as luggage labels and locks. Then there's the memory cards – I've now got all the photos onto the PC. Not only onto the PC but tagged so that they're all sorted and easy to find. That was time consuming doing all of them at once. Bits I'll need for scrapping are safely in a folder, bits I'll need to keep for future reference are in the holiday box and bits that are needed for next year are in the 2010 folder. Oh how organised I am today. Wonder if it'll last.

I've dealt with most of the pile of post that was waiting for us when we attempted to open the door on our return but there's some non-urgent stuff still to go through. And, there's Stephen's case still to unpack. He needs to do it as only he knows what he wants washing and what can go straight in the wardrobe. He has been at work all weekend mind so he does have an excuse.

Phew. So now I'm having a break. The bedroom floor is no longer covered in cases and washing. My scraproom no longer has paperwork and other assorted stuff over every available surface, so I'm calling it a day.

Might go and see if I can get the price of next year's flights down any more as I really want to get them booked soon. And, I do love planning holidays. It's just clearing up after them I'm not so keen on.

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