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I had such a rude awakening this morning. I was having a lovely dream. I was on a plane going to Italy. Why Italy, I do not know. I haven't been planning to go there, I haven't been thinking about Italy but in my dream, that's where I was going. And of course, as is the way in dreams, it was lovely and sunny on the plane and I had my sunglasses on, basking in the warmth. I was sipping a cocktail, even though I don't actually drink alcohol, all my friends were with me and we were all spread out in the supersize airline seats. Perfect.

Then, the alarm went off and for just a few seconds, I was convinced that I had to get up quickly as I was on my way to the airport as I was off on my holidays to Italy. Just for about five seconds or so. Can you imagine the crushing disappointment as I threw back the quilt and fully woke up, to the cold and the dark and realised that I had to go to work? I was gutted. Absolutely gutted.

Where I work, we have several shops. I work in the bookshop and I really love being with the books. You may have noticed that I'm quite fond of books. The other shops are newsagents. They do have books, some more than others but the focus is on news, mags and confectionary. When I arrived at work this morning I found out that the bookshop is closing in a few weeks. So I'll be working in the other shops. Not a great start to the day.

But the day was not all bad. I got home to an email letting me know that a draw I entered a few days ago had resulted in me winning a Bostin mug. I am absolutely chuffed to little bits. I never win anything. The draw was on the Bostin site and I have won one of these little beauties. That's cheered me up no end.

And, I've just posted off a wee surprise parcel to a friend. It's only a silly little pressie, but I'd really love to see her face when she peels off the miles of parcel tape to see what's inside. I hope she finds it as amusing as I do.

So my day started with a lovely dream, deteriorated rapidly and has now picked up nicely. Think I'll go and have a nice browse on Amazon to keep the happy feelings rolling…


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The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

One thought on “Downs and ups

  1. Bostin’ news about the mug, but I am gutted for you about the bookstore, I can’t see you getting excited about sweets and mags!


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