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Tweaking spreadsheets, and another photo

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I spent most of yesterday tweaking my Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my 1001 reads. There's a new edition coming out in March, which I have on pre-order naturally, and I want to make sure there are no errors in the existing spreadsheet before I start adding the new additions. Of course, it didn't stop there. A bit of formatting here, some columns added there. I've even added a worksheet for The Big Read so it's all together. Much more sensible.

Then I went and reorganised my bookshelves to match. Very satisfying.

I've also updated my blog pages so the new challenge page for 2010 is up and also the page to keep track of what I read this year. The first book is already on there, as I had a really thin bookring to read yesterday. I'm reading a rather more chunky one now, as well as a few pages of War and Peace each night. I will finish that this month. Honest.

I've been going through the Photopass photos some more, I might even get around to preparing some for uploading to Photobox soon. I do love this one though. Especially as I had no idea there were Photopass photographers lurking outside the parks. 


That's the Boardwalk behind us, and we were facing Stormalong bay and The Beach Club, our home. What a fab border too. There are loads of different borders etc. but I only saw that one appear for that photo.  I think, if I ever do get around to getting these photos printed and scrapped, this one just has to be on the title page.


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One thought on “Tweaking spreadsheets, and another photo

  1. Loving those photos!


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