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Another Magic Photo


This is another of the magic shots that we went looking for. It took us a while to find a photographer that could do it but I think it was worth the effort. We did get another one done on a different day but unfortunately it came out slightly out of focus. That was a shame as it was a different pose, with us both streching up holding the balloons. I do like this one though with Stephen pretending to be dragged upwards by the bunch of balloons, which are added in later of course, and me holding him down.


It's very cold here today. My car needed ice scraping off it before driving to work this morning, which is something I'm getting used to recently. What I'm not used to is driving home in a mini blizzard. Part of my journey home was 'interesting', as they say. I'm glad I'm tucked up safe at home now, as there's more snow forecast for later this afternoon. I'm not looking forward to driving to work in the morning if the road conditions are going to be bad. Still, at least there's not much traffic about when I go out so I miss all the loonies that forget how to drive. Small mercies and all that…


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4 thoughts on “Another Magic Photo

  1. Bev – You need to look at this -> http://www.stitchkingdom.com/disneysphotopass/
    And you most definitely need to go back, if only to get magic shots of Katie and Molly with fairy wings.


  2. You’ve got some lovely photos from Disney Carole, this one’s a cracker though 😀


  3. Did you have a list of ‘magic’ photos? I’ve never seen this one either.
    Right, thats it – got to book another trip asap so I can get these photos taken.


  4. Oh I love this one chuck…..it’s absolutely bostin. A great photo of the two of you….just look at that little face on young Stephen…how cute is that? Cant wait to see this one scrapped.


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