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It’s snowing books!


So much for my good intentions. The plan was to try and read more books from the TBR bookcase than I added to it. So far for January, and bear in mind it's only the 9th, I've read one and added eight. Yes, you did read that right – eight. The nice postman just delivered three more that a friend in Portugal has sent me. I have read more than one, but they've been bookrings and 1001-library books which don't count as coming off the TBR pile.

So, how on earth have I managed to add books at a rate of almost one per day? It was quite easy really. Up until yesterday I was doing rather well. Ok, not well, but I wasn't falling behind. I'd read one and added one. The one was the latest Jodi Picoult which I'd been eyeing up for ages but I was being good and not buying as my TBR bookcase, as you know, is bulging at the seams ever so slightly.

Then Tesco gave me a till spit for £1 off a book. And it would have been rude not to use it. So I did, and the Picoult came home with me. I should get credit for not buying two books, or more. Ok, so I was in the little Tesco and they didn't actually have any other books that I wanted, but I might have been restrained, if they'd had a selection. You never know.

Ooh look, flying pigs!

But then yesterday we went to Big Tesco. Last weekend I'd read a book by Sarah Waters, my first by that author and it was wonderful. She has a new one out in paperback and there it was just begging to go home with me. It was in the 2 for £7 so it really couldn't be taken on its own now, could it? Guess what? The latest Dean Koontz was there as well. So I picked that up. So, two books. £7. Not too much damage done to TBR.

Then I spotted The Children's book by A. S. Byatt. Again, just out in paperback. Another one I'd really fancied reading and it has the most beautiful cover. I really, really had to have it. But, which of the other two should I put back. The problem is, once I have a book in my hand, I just can't seem to put it back on the shelf and there was another one there that I've been eyeing up so I ended up with four books.


Today's parcel contained three books, as I've said. Two are 1001 books and are books one and three of a trilogy. My friend had all three books and very kindly sent me the set so I'll probably read those next, once I've finished the bookring that I'm on at the moment. I've been wanting to read them for a while so I couldn't pass up the chance to get all three in one go.

And ummm, perhaps I should get all my confessions out of the way now and mention that I have two different orders on the way from Amazon. Only one book in each. Both vampire books and one of those is Tree's fault. See here. She talks about vampire books, right at the bottom of the post after all the lush sewing projects. Seriously, it's all it takes. I'm so easily tempted. Sigh.


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3 thoughts on “It’s snowing books!

  1. I bought the new one, Handle with care. It does look really good. Haven’t actually read it yet, mind. It was an older book from TBR that I read, but they all count.


  2. Which Judi Picoult did you read? I haven’t read one in a while but I usually like her, and I need to go to the supermarket shortly so might be a good opportunity.


  3. Bookrings don’t count! and oops yes, I did put that little message on there just for you 😮 :chuckle: just in case you weren’t reading the Just Read list, lol! It bounced back on me mind you – Nat made me start a new quilt 😮
    I got the 4th one of those vampire books from the library yesterday. Library books don’t count either…


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