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Help! I can’t stop.


Buying books, that is. I swear it's a disease or something.

You may have spotted at the bottom of my last post that I'd admitted to having two more books on order from Amazon, both vampire books. They arrived and have been added to the total of books added to my TBR, making 10 added and 2 read, as I did read that Jodi Picoult on Sunday. I really enjoyed it but even though I've read enough of her books to know what to expect, the ending still caught me by surprise.

So, you'd think I'd restrain myself a little, with my target of reducing my TBR pile looking slightly tricky this month. You would, really, wouldn't you?

Amazon sent me this email yesterday. There's a Karen Chance that I don't have and it's the sequel to a book that I particularly enjoyed. There are vampires in it. I just couldn't help myself.

And then I've been looking for a while on Ebay for a couple of books that I need for The Big Read challenge. A few have come up but not at a price I was willing to pay. Yesterday one did, and I won it. So, that's two more books on their way. That'll make 12 added.

Oh dear. So now I need to read ten more books from the TBR bookcase just to break even this month.

So why, when Heidi offered to loan me two vampire books that I'd had my eye on, did I jump at her offer?

I'm insane. That is the only reasonable explanation.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

8 thoughts on “Help! I can’t stop.

  1. interestingly enough I have that in my TBR pile (and in my case, my TBR pile only has that one book in it)
    They were only 2 for £7 at Sainsbury’s the other day.


  2. I didn’t think it was necessary either Bev, and I didn’t like it. Some of the twists are rather good, but I felt this one was just put in for shock effect.
    Now, go read the new Sophie Kinsella. That was really good!


  3. I read the Judi Picoult last night. The ending didn’t really surprise me, as she does it so often, but it did annoy me. I don’t think it was necessary. It has become almost obligatory to have a ‘shocking’ twist in the final chapter.


  4. Can’t wait to get stuck into them Heidi. Thanks for the loan 🙂


  5. They are quick reads tho Carole! if i can read them in a few hours you could read them in 10 mins!! lol


  6. I have very fond memories of George’s book shop. Sigh.
    And well done Ang 😀


  7. Errrm, so I’d better not admit that I’ve just ordered 5 from Amazon half an hour ago then???


  8. I’m not surprised. I have very fond memories of visiting your ‘library’ when we were teenagers, and all those trips to George’s book shop to increase your stock.
    Happy days.


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