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The closest I get to sewing

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This is another layout that’s been patiently waiting its turn to be uploaded to the blog, and oh look – it has sewing on it. Not just the sewing with scrapping templates, but actual maching sewing with a real live sewing machine. Oh yes indeedy. The photo is from 2008 and was scrapped way back sometime last year…

They always have a Photopass photographer outside the Magic Kingdom and we always try to get a nice photo there but this is definitely one of the nicest. I love that big Mickey head done in plants and it’s quite a nice photo of the two of us.

I used strips of Basic Grey Urban Prairie and stitched them on with the sewing machine. It did take several attempts and the machine was close to learning how to fly but luckily Ang was down at the time and she stepped in and sorted it out. More because she was afraid for the poor sewing machine than anything else I think. It’s behaved itself very nicely since then, though. Thanks Ang for intimidating my sewing machine so nicely and showing it who’s boss.

There’s some hand sewing on there too, courtesy of an In Stitchz template and two colours of floss. I do like that In Stitchz stuff. It’s jolly useful. I’m not sure if I still like the layout, which is the problem with leaving it so long before getting round to uploading them, but there ya go. That’ll teach me, eh?


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One thought on “The closest I get to sewing

  1. Great to see this chuck, & am sooooo relieved to hear that the sewing machine is behaving itself now. It was looking very very nervous wasn’t it….in case it went on a flying trip up your cul de sac!!
    Love the hand stitching too….waay to go gal….you’ll be ripping & tearing soon & leaving your thread ends dangling!! Oooh err missus. xx


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