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How did that happen? Since I bought that last book I seem to have read three. I have come up for air inbetween as well, honest! I’ve been picking some nice light reads from the TBR bookcase such as that Dick Francis that I’ve been meaning to read for ages. Once I’d got my nose in that, there was no prising it out. Then there was the one I bought in Tesco earlier this month – The Rapture. That didn’t last long and this morning I devoured that Sophie Kinsella. That was lovely! I really, really did enjoy that.

So, now I only need to read five. And I only have 150 pages left of War and Peace. I’m getting through 25 pages per night and that’ll count for one when I finish it. Ha, no problem!

I almost did some scrapping yesterday too. I ventured up the top half of my craft room with the vague intention of doing some but found some ribbon that needed tidying from my huge patterned paper sort out the other week. After I’d sorted all that out I spotted that there were some alpha stickers that needed the same treatment so ended up rearranging all of those, and then my rubons. Maybe once ALL my scraproom has been tidied and reorganised, I’ll manage to scrap something.

In the meantime…

This is another one I scrapped last year. This was one of the photos that I’d added the frame to on the Photopass site. Once I’d got the CD with all the photos on, I recoloured the frame in PS Elements to make it match the photo a bit better. It also matched the Granola nicely afterwards.

In the photo, Stephen is wearing his Goofy shirt and the character played up nicely once he’d spotted that. We’re just big kids at heart, you know 🙂

Basic Grey Granola paper, stickers and chipboard.


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  1. Love that swirl on the right chuck….dont you just lurve Granola?


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