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Camera lickin’ good


I appear to have done another layout. Does this mean I’m on a roll? This one was done all in one day too. Yay me. I really am getting back into the swing of it, methinks. I’ve used some more of that round Crate paper as it proved so inspiring before and there’s more journalling on this one. Must be a lingering influence from the Shim class I took last year. Ok, it’s not what you’d call ‘heartfelt’ journalling but there are actual words…

The photo is another from the 2008 Photopass stash and is one that I tweaked on the Disney site before ordering the CD with all the photos on. You have the opportunity to add various borders or signatures relevant to the location or character in the photo. One of the options was this overlay of Stitch licking the camera and I was determined to add it to one of my photos. This standard ‘pose with Tree of life in background’ seemed like a good candidate, so Stitch was duly added. Looks fun, eh?

Costco paper for the background again and it’s proving jolly useful for that purpose alone. The round frilly stuff is Crate paper, as I mentioned. Some Bazzill ‘Just the edge’ and I trimmed some of it to use as the journalling strips as well, as believe it or not, even with all the cardstock I have, I just didn’t have the right colour. The long brown floral thing, the heart and the pinky dots are Heidi Grace punchboard stickers. I bought those in Florida yonks ago and now have them on my desk so they’ll get used. Font is one of my favourites – Chicken basket. TFL



Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

3 thoughts on “Camera lickin’ good

  1. Well, that’s me definitely using some Costco paper with a round crate paper thing very very soon – It looks great!


  2. Whatever it is that you’re ‘on’ can I have some please? Most impressed chuck, you’re going great guns here. That Costco paper has been a brilliant purchase eh??


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