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I was getting a bit too complacent the past few weeks. The migraines had really slowed down and I hadn't had a particularly vile one for months. I'd even been discussing this on the Migraine Action forums last week. I should have known that the good spells are to be enjoyed while they last because a monster migraine hit on Wednesday night. Well, 1am Thursday morning is when I actually noticed it and took some Imigran but this time they weren't going to work.

It was probably the worst one I've had for over six months and lasted until late Saturday afternoon. I'm trying not to feel too sorry for myself. It's gone now and with a bit of luck that'll be the last bad one for a while again. There's no doubt the new meds are helping a lot.

But, there went my weekend as I now have to fit three days worth of stuff into one day and I still feel rather wobbly. That'll be the not eating for three days. And not drinking much either. And joy of joys, I have to go into work tomorrow and get told off for being ill. Marvellous.

The particularly annoying thing is that I was hoping to catch up on some reading. I'd planned to finish the book I was reading at the time, when I got in from work on Thursday – obviously that didn't happen. Then that was going to give me three days to really get stuck into my next book – Gone with the wind. (that's the title of the book, not a comment.) I needed those three days as it's a thousand-page doorstep and now I only have one day to get cracking on it before going back to work and I still have all the other 'stuff' to do.

Housework or reading? Reading or housework? Ho hum, what to do…


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The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

2 thoughts on “That’ll teach me

  1. So sorry you’ve been ill with horrible migraine again chuck, I did wonder if you’d been ill when you hadn’t blogged for a few days. Hope you’re ok going back into work….will be thinking of you. xx




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